Cholera was one of the deadliest diseases to affect Britain in the nineteenth century. You can either explore the material here or on edX. Hij publiceerde zijn theorie voor het eerst in de verhandeling Over hoe cholera wordt overgebracht (On the … Cholera struck again, leaving nearly 2,000 dead in seven days. The epidemic spread through the city, leaving around 10,000 dead. John Snow investigated the Soho outbreak, and he provided a comprehensive report to the St James, Westminster Cholera Inquiry Committee in July 1855. Daarom wist hij niet waardoor de ziekte werd overgebracht. Snow veronderstelde dat iemand cholera krijgt door water dat besmet is door afval van andere cholerapatiënten. Hij stond sceptisch tegenover de miasmatheorie, die in zijn tijd gangbaar was. Toch waren er bewijzen die hem ervan overtuigden dat het inademen van slechte lucht niet de oorzaak was. The disease would change the course of Soho, then the most densely populated area of London, forever. De infectietheoriewas nog niet beschreven. His observation of the evidence led him to discount the theory of foul air. He first published his theory in an 1849 essay, On the Mode of Communication of Cholera, followed by a more detailed treatise in 1855 … Some houses in the area who could afford the cost were supplied by piped water from the Grand Junction and the New River Companies, and in houses that took this water he had found very few instances of cholera. Join us as we explore the case study of the 1854 Broad Street Cholera Outbreak and how the scientist John Snow's research laid the groundwork for modern predictive epidemiology. On the 150th anniversary of the fourth and final London pandemic in 1866, Fahema Begum looks at the work of John Snow, who's work was instrumental in the fight against the disease. Snow was a skeptic of the then-dominant miasma theory that stated that diseases such as cholera and bubonic plague were caused by pollution or a noxious form of "bad air". The germ theory of diseasehad not yet been developed, so Snow did not understand the mechanism by which the disease was transmitted. But the outbreak would also be followed closely by John Snow.


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