Well known as a heavy producer, this dense shrub grows into a beautifully full crown. Root Booster will help grow roots faster, for bigger and healthier plants, trees and shrubs. additional handling surcharge, these will be noted on the item's product page. Plants are offered in both Heavy bearer of juicy, lemon sized fruit in winter to early spring. © 2020 Monrovia Nursery Company. Grows into a densely branched shrub or small tree with a full rounded crown. The fruit turns yellow as it ripens, but it is universally sold while still green. Also known as the Tahiti Lime or Bearss Lime, the Persian Lime is the most popular lime around…and for good reason. This proprietary eCommerce software prevents the shipment of a restricted plant to each state. In winter, its ripening fruit on evergreen branches is a lovely sight. options as you create a beautiful landscape with help from Nature Hills. bag - Only: $9.95, Dr. Earth Fruit Tree & Berries 3 Step Fertilizer Kit - Only: $49.95. [9] Persian limes are commercialized primarily in six sizes, known as 110s, 150s, 175s, 200s, 230s and 250s. By clicking "LOGIN", you are Although there are other citrus species that are referred to as "limes", the Persian lime is the most widely cultivated lime species commercially,[6] and accounts for the largest share of the fruits sold as limes. Persian lime (Citrus × latifolia), also known by other common names such as seedless lime, Bearss lime and Tahiti lime, is a citrus fruit species of hybrid origin, known only in cultivation. Some believe this to be either a cross between a Citrus aurtantifolia (the Key Lime) and Citrus medica (the Citron). Container Sizes are really all about the A fast-growing tree, the Bearss Lime is a high-producing tree. Some people even use the leaves for culinary and decorative purposes as well. Olive (Olea); Pomegranate (Punica); Rosemary (Rosmarinus); Lavender (Lavandula); Bay Laurel (Laurus). Likes morning sun, amended well drained soil, regular water. delivery. Nature Hills sells a large variety of plants with several options available. It is larger, thicker-skinned, with less intense citrus aromatics than the key lime (Citrus aurantifolia). Your plant(s) will ship to the garden center you chose within the next 21 days. Known by several different names the Persian Lime, the Tahiti or Tahitian Lime, the USDA No.1 or 2 and the Bearss Lime, most today agree that they in fact quite similar, if not the same varieties. You'll be charmed with the invigorating citrus scent that lifts the mood in your home during those cold winter days. root plants are sold by height from the top of the root system to the top of the plant. Address2336 S 156TH CIRCLE OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68130. Popular sizes of select trees are 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc. Although the Persian Lime had been grown for many years in Florida, the Bearss found its way to the Florida growers as well and for some time was grown side by side. *If you have found your zone already, the table above will highlight your zone. People & pet safe - No synthetic chemicals, GMO infested chicken manure or toxic ingredients. The Plant Sentry system includes a shipment certification program. Just plant them in containers and bring them indoors in winter. Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. Well known as a heavy producer, this dense shrub grows into a beautifully full crown. It presents a beautiful backdrop for the developing fruit. They are less acidic than key limes and do not have the bitterness that lends to the key lime's unique flavor. The heaviest saturation of fruit occurring during the winter and early spring in warmer regions. The Persian lime is a triploid cross between key lime (Citrus × aurantiifolia) and lemon (Citrus limon). Once an item ships, you will receive shipment notification and tracking numbers, so you can follow along while your plant travels to your doorstep. Nature Hills Root Booster - 4 oz. Show Approximate Ship Dates & Restrictions, .18 to .21 dry quarts / .198 to .23 dry liters in volume, .31 to .87 / .35 to .96 dry liter in volume, 1.4 dry quarts / 1.59 dry liters in volume, 1.89 of a dry quart / 2.08 dry liters in volume, .8 to 1.1 dry quarts / .88 to 1.2 dry liters in volume, 1.0 to 1.3 dry quarts / 1.1 to 1.41 dry liters in volume, 1.1 to 2.1 dry quarts / 1.2 to 2.3 dry liters in volume, 1.7 to 2.3 dry quart / 1.87 to 2.53 dry liters in volume, 2.26 to 3.73 dry quarts / 2.49 to 4.11 dry liters in volume, 3.5 to 4.3 dry quarts / 3.85 to 4.74 dry liters in volume, 1.19 to 1.76 dry gallons / 5.24 to 7.75 dry liters in volume, 2.32 to 2.76 dry gallons / 10.22 to 12.16 dry liters in volume, 2.92 to 4.62 dry gallons / 12.86 to 20.35 dry liters in volume, 5.98 to 6.08 dry gallons / 26.34 to 26.78 dry liters in volume. It would look equally charming as a patio plant to move indoors in colder weather, or as a small specimen tree in a sunny spot of your yard. All newly planted items will benefit from Root Booster. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Bearss Lime is an evergreen dwarf tree that produces fantasic limes. Protect your investment with this easy 3 Step Fertilizer Kit solution. Persian lime (Citrus × latifolia), also known by other common names such as seedless lime,[2] Bearss lime[3] and Tahiti lime,[3] is a citrus fruit species of hybrid origin, known only in cultivation. In 2014, Brazil was major exporter of fresh limes to Europe (about 70%) with Mexico supplying most of the remainder. Small tree to 8-10 feet has large, juicy limes late spright through gall. Great grown in containers with protection from cold. Our plants are grown all over the country and lead time on items may be different because of this. Now, it's propagated by grafting or budding so the variety remains consistent.


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