These enzymes can be added to water and sprayed at the site of attack. While you and your family may be concerned about the enormous use of petroleum products for energy, the plastic products that surround you in your home or office are also made from oil ó much of it from overseas. Biodiesel is made by extracting oils from soybeans and other crops. Tomorrow, biotechnology will bring you better health and treatments for disease using agriculture ñ the ultimate sustainable manufacturing process. In developing countries with growing populations, the greatest threat to wildlife habitat and biodiversity is the need to convert these fragile environments to farmland to feed people. Heart disease is still a leading killer of adults, but its toll is dropping. Give them a hug, and read on. These enzymes have replaced the phosphates that used to be a serious pollutant for the nation's rivers and streams. That year, a human version of the drug entered the market ñ the first ever biotechnology medicine to be commercialized. These improvements in health care for you and your family are just a small sample of the benefits biotechnology has brought, and will continue to bring, in the future. Crops improved through biotechnology not only improve farming efficiency, but also provide a softer environmental footprint than traditional agricultural practices. Curd making of is a microbial process and hence a example of biotechnology Use of yeast in bakery (bread making) or at home ( dosa mix ) Alcohol or wine product is also a example of biotechnology. New veterinary biopharmaceuticals provide better disease treatment, including anti-inflammatory drugs to treat arthritis or musculoskeletal pain in animals. You will find products made with canola oil that contains virtually no trans fats and comes from plants grown with fewer pesticide applications, thanks to biotechnology. Production of Biological products such as hormones, protein, vitamins, vaccine etc. When you made coffee this morning, you probably didn't realize the filter was made with a biotechnology process that uses enzymes to bleach the paper, reducing the amount of chlorine and energy used in manufacturing. According to the National Center for Food and Ag Policy, U.S. farmers growing transgenic pest-resistant and herbicide-tolerant cotton, corn and soybeans reduced the total volume of insecticides and herbicides by more than 66 million pounds in 2004. Children with food allergies are particularly vulnerable to anaphylactic shock, which results in about 125 deaths each year in the United States. Biotechnology is responsible for hundreds of medical diagnostic tests that keep the blood supply safe from the AIDS virus and detect other conditions early enough to be successfully treated. Recombinant insulin is still saving lives today, and the next few years may bring inhaled forms of insulin and other new diabetes drugs that reduce the devastating impact of this disease. Using biotechnology to make the enzyme results in more plentiful and purer supplies, while eliminating the need to use animals for this purpose. The bread for your toast contains natural biotech food enzymes that help the bread rise and keep it fresh. DNA fingerprinting, a biotech process, has transformed criminal investigation and forensic medicine, as well as afforded significant advances in anthropology and wildlife management. Researchers are also experimenting with tobacco plants as drug factories; the possibilities include “growing” a preventative treatment for ovarian cancer in tobacco leaves. And there's more to come ó biotechnology is one of the most research-intensive industries in the world, spending $20.4 billion on research and development in 2005. Who benefits? Biotech crops improve yields, cut costs and reduce pesticide applications. Since 1982, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been helped by more than 230 biotechnology drugs and vaccines. This kind of cutting-edge biotech research is under way all over the world, on every continent, including Antarctica, where researchers are searching for microbes with useful properties for manufacturing. Right now, scientists are developing plants that produce medicines. Plus, every time you take fresh clothes out of the dryer youíre benefiting from the detergent enzymes developed by biotechnology to remove deep stains. If a member of your family is diagnosed with breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma or another cancer, it will help you to know that biotechnology has enabled therapies over the past 20 years that are working miracles. Some diseases are more likely to strike the women in your family. In 2005, the 10-year anniversary of commercialized biotech crops, the one-billionth biotech acre was planted.


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