Her critique was not enough salt, not as sweet as the restaurant’s and the jajang noodles would have been better than the udon noodles. Recipe looks great, I definitely want to try it. The noodles should have a firm bite to them (al dente). Mix the potato starch with about 2 Tbsp of cold water in a small bowl. I’m pleased to hear your family enjoyed my recipe. Any idea how to make the black bean paste? ㅅ.ㅅ. If you want your sauce to be more saucy/liquidy, you can add more stock or water. Put them into a serving bowl/plate. Hi Rebeca – I hope you saw this updated post. I shall highly appreciate if you kindly help me choose the ingredients (sauces, pastes, wines, noodles etc) I need to have in my shelf so that I can cook a dish of my taste whenever I want. I was wondering if I can use your photo to use in my assignment to put in the cookbook for my assignment. I’ll share the pics how it turns out. Recommended freezing time for general food is 2 to 3 months. But when I was a child I only ate this on special occasions such as school carnival day or school entrance and graduation ceremony day. Either way, I think I’d like this. Does this make sense? Chicken, beef or even seafood! You first need to fry the black bean paste in oil. Chun Jang is Korean version of black bean sauce. I’ve seen many of my readers doing the similar thing as you. I’m so happy to see when you refresh the old recipes, actually it’s helpful so I don’t have to go all the way back in the archives I hope you like Jajangmyeon! . Make the starch slurry - this will thicken the sauce. Thanks. I love how easy you make the recipes to follow and appreciate you also using Hangul because it’s easier for me to find products in the store using Hangul. Oyster sauce is very common in Chinese cooking, and it adds another layer of flavor. Its use is pretty much limited to Korean-Chinese dishes. Otherwise you’ll still probably get the English version if you try to click to print from the main page. It has a beautiful dark color that is usually made of water, wheat flour, caramel, soybean powder, salt, and a few other ingredients. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a72821733dacdbb1c7a094a11cb54aa1" );document.getElementById("j55a3f390e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Just finished making it – so yummy! I am very excited to come across your blog; but I am a little confused when I went to a Korean supermarket to find the black bean sauce, can you please tell me what’s the difference between “Fermented Black Bean Paste” and “Roasted Black Bean Paste”? Hi Jo, You could add water instead, but it will lack flavor. My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. , Hello, a few years ago I decided that I will start to learn some Asian language.. can I use bacon fat in place of lard…..Tks, I haven’t tried it with bacon fat but great to know! In this jajangmyeon recipe, I used good quality chicken stock to give the sauce extra flavor. Hi Sue, I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I know some have asked if a Chinese black bean paste can be a substitute for this dish. I will have to try that. I have many Korean cook books, but often the pictures look great, but the dish doesn’t taste that good and involves way too many odd ingredients. I’ve only tried making it about twice… both times only mildly successful. Scoop out the black bean paste (without the oil) and set it aside. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. Let’s hope to see my recipes in a cookbook one day. Also, make sure you check ingredients in those bottles too. The closest thing may be Chinese Black Bean Sauce. long time! You’ll be able to find these noodles in a Korean grocery store in the frozen aisle. I’ve liked it enough to order it a few more times, but always felt like there’s too much sauce and not enough meat/seafood/vegetables. Some people mentioned that the process is same as making Korean soybean paste (which takes at least a few months of fermentation), but I can’t verify the information as I haven’t tried that either. Add in 1/2 cup of water or vegetable stock and cover with a lid and let it simmer for 10 minutes, until the potatoes are cooked through. . Sadly, I could only find a 2.2 pound Black bean paste. You could add more mushrooms as well. I’ve tried making jajangmyeon before following other recipes, but to my disappointment, they always seemed to be missing something. I am making your recipe for a class banquet for my culture class at my university. If you want your sauce to be more liquidy/watery, add an addition 1/2 cup of stock or water with a little more starch when you make starch slurry (about 1 teaspoon more). Yes, I did eat it an found no fault except perhaps there won’t be enough sauce left for both of US. . Thank you thank you ♥ ♥ ♥, Thanks Ryoko! Looks delicious.Thanks For sharing this post. Abi – Totally fine since you provided the link to my blog. Sign up today to get notified of new [free] recipes we release straight in your inbox! Ok, Saugat! I’m also excited that there’s a Korean market close-by where I can pick up the authentic ingredients. You had mentioned that using lard was preferred over regular oil because of a deeper flavor, so i’m thinking if using olive oil would change the flavor as well. Since the noodles tend to absorb all liquids without getting soggy or plump, I thought to try it with this recipe. , Hi! Korean black bean sauce (jjajang) One of the staples of a Korean kitchen New (18) from $9.60 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Make sure to store it in the refrigerator after opening. Hi Jeanne, I fried the sauce myself even though it was already pre-fried. “This may not be a good first date meal, as it can get a bit messy when eating.” <– this made me giggle quite a bit. But he went back to Korea and I’ve missed so much of his cooking. It’s not quite as thick as the paste, but I don’t think that made a lot of difference. I had a small question/concern , is the chicken stock very important or can skip it? Is the black bean garlic sauce can use for this dish? I wish I do, but hopefully one day that would happen. My husband loves eating this Jajangmyeon and asked me if I could learn how to cook. I bought black bean paste at a Korean grocery store on a whim and I am so happy I did. Korean black day (14th April) is a special day where single people who didn’t get any gifts/presents on Valentine’s day (14th February) and White day (14th March) get together and have these Korean black bean sauce noodles (Jajangmyeon) and commiserate with each other. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Kevin, That would be my approach too. The only drawback? Great! !1 i just have thw right eeys for good flavor.s. Add the pork into the wok and stir until the pork is half cooked. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram for all of the latest updates. He’s gained popularity due to his humor but mostly because of his cooking skills and has the nickname. In ” Liver or die” several episodes they were mentioning about this, Black bean noodles. The only thing I did different was I add a carrot. , I really wanted to taste jjajanmyeon because I watch a lot of kdrama and I just thought”this food looks delicious” and it’s so good. Stir and coat all of the ingredients with the sauce. Chunjang is a black bean paste that is also known as “tianmianjiang” in Chinese, which literally translates as “sweet noodle sauce.”, It is a smooth, slightly sweet and savoury black paste that contains fermented soybeans, flour, and sweetener (sugar or caramel). I always knew my people were really cool! Sign up today to be notified of new recipes every week in your inbox! Can you please let me know if you ever rinse them in cold water after cooking to stop the cooking process and remove starch? Oh my goodness this looks so lovely. Love your site and the explicit directions. So…looking for places to get the best jajangmyeon in Seoul? Add in the stir-fried black bean paste from earlier. I definitely know I’ll be making this again for my family in the future! You gotta ask for it. Hi Grazia, Korean soybean paste is very different to black bean paste sauce. Let me know how it turns out. Ganjjajangmyeon (간짜장면): The dish is made without the addition of any water or stock or thickening for the sauce. Thanks much. If those are not available, you may try flour, but you may have to increase the amount. Thank you Sue! Roxan – It is really easy to make, so get that bean past in your next trip to a Korean market. Thanks for your feedback! You wouldn’t want to use it for this recipe! I’m using the pre-fried and it’s just so salty, way saltier than when I buy it at a restaurant. So can this be made with beef instead of pork?


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