A French culinary term which is a seasoned butter sauce, flavoured with white wine, shallots and vinegar or lemon juice, usually served with sea food. A garnish of fresh vegetables, cooked, diced, and served around a dish of meat. It is quarter of a gallon or two pints, equal to approximately 1.13 litres in the UK and 0.94 litre in the US. For creamed cake mixtures, you’ll need to take the butter out of the fridge a few hours before you’re planning to use it – it needs to be soft in order to cream together well with the sugar. Generally a sauce like mayonaise added for flavour to foods like salads. To cut food esp vegetables to very thin strips, like match sticks. To heat liquid (esp used in reference to milk) to just under a boil around 180 F,when bubbles just start to appear around the edges. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio (or the French and American Pinot Gris), Sémillon, and dry sparkling wines all work well. A sauce thickened with corn starch or other thickening agents. To reduce foods like vegetables, cheese etc to small shreds by rubbing against a rough or sharp perforated surface. If you come across terms that do not find a place here, please do let me know, so that I can add them. ... Brunoise: A French term used to describe a specific cut or mixture of vegetables – usually small dice, braised in butter. Usually refers to small balls of fresh mozarella cheese packed in whey or water. This isn't a difficult process, but it takes time and some patience. A cooked mixture of an equal quantity of flour and fat used to thicken soups, sauces, gravies etc. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. To hull peas is to remove the peas from the pods or shell. A stone for sharpening cutlery or tools by friction. To reduce something to a paste or powder by crushing it. Butter can be bought salted or unsalted. Hemamagesh.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites, © Copyright 2020 Hema Magesh/Privacy & Disclosure policy. A batonnet cut usually measures 0.6cm x 0.6cm x 5-6cm. A method of preserving food by just using dry edible salt, like salting fish. Shortened form of the Italian Caffelatte which means "milk coffee". A French culinary term meaning 'with juice'. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Just  an attempt to get you acquainted with the cooking terms that you come across in your daily life. Food that is permissable according to Islamic law. This ensures that the air is retained and the mixture remains light and fluffy. To let food sit at room temperature for a few hours to enable microorganisms like yeast, bacteria etc to break it down to simpler substances. This process browns the crust and prevents a soggy base. 1)Frenching a bone means to prepare a piece of meat for cooking by removing meat from the end of the bone. Low-fat spreads are generally not suitable for baking so read packaging carefully. Butter is around 80 per cent fat and for this reason, many people prefer to use alternatives. A culinary term referring to cutting root vegetables(esp) to an oblong football or barrel like shape. I bet atleast a few of these would be new to you   . A French culinary term which means, a crisp piece of bread or pastry hollowed to receive a savoury filling. A French culinary term meaning "kneaded butter". Combined with high protein diet, these fats can even help us lose weight. Fruit stewed or cooked in a syrup, usually served as a dessert. Usually a pinch of something, like salt and can be either 1/8th, 1/16th or even 1/24th of a tsp. Can also mean cleaning up the food for cooking or preparation before serving to make the food attractive. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, How to Make Perfect Shortcrust by Hand or Machine. One of the French cooking terms most often seen on the menu in restaurants. To tie, bind, fasten or thread the wings or legs of a fowl in preparation for cooking. To cut longitudinally and then sliced to desired thickness. Champignon: A French term for any edible mushroom or the particular dish they accompany. It can be used directly as a condiment or melted for frying or coating. To cut food into two with the centre still joined, and the two halves spread on either sides to look like a butterfly. It consists of equal parts of flour and butter and is used to thicken sauces and soups. According to some studies, grass-fed organic butter is a much healthier alternative to oils. To cook the fat out of something. A French culinary term which means to brown slowly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Usually chocolates are melted by double boiling. As per Jewish law, pareve are foods that are neutral, which means they are neither meat nor dairy. Beurre Rouge: French for red butter, an emulsified butter sauce made from shallots, red wine, and butter. To cook food in a little oil or fat over high heat, usually till it browns. To steep an ingredient in a liquid to extract the flavours from it. A French culinary phrase which means "everything in place".It refers to the organising and arranging of ingredients prior to cooking. To burn or scorch the surface of foods, esp meat with sudden intense heat. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. A French culinary term and is essentially a slicing techinique in which leafy vegetables or herbs are finely shredded and used as garnish in soups or salads. To cut meat across or along the back bone. An equipment either handheld or attached to a machine, containing a series of thin wired loops, used to whip food. To cook food esp fish, or an egg with its shell removed, by putting it in gently boiling water or other liquid. To soak food esp meat and fish in a seasoned liquid or paste for some amount of time prior to cooking.This helps to flavour and tenderise food. To separate or cause to separate into curds or lumps as in milk and eggs. To make a smooth thick sauce of vegetables or fruits by crushing or blending them usually through a machine. To put food substances usually flour, through a sieve to remove lumps or large particles. Health Benefits of cooking with butter Raw shea butter can be used for cooking too; image source: .com. A French culinary term meaning to thinly slice nuts such as almonds or to remove the fibrous part of beans by snipping off the ends. Generally used with reference to cooking fatty animal tissues to bring out the oil which is used for cooking. Usually mustard, cumin, split urad, fenugreek, red chillies, curry leaves are used separately or in combination for tempering. To add liquid usually stock or wine to remove browned bits of food particles stuck to the pan after frying food, esp meat. A paste made by mixing a starch (like bread, flour or potato) with a liquid (milk, buttermilk, water or stock).Sometimes butter is also added. A small stem with leaves on it which has been picked from a plant or a bush. A measure for liquid equal to about half a litre. Best Wishes and looking forward for more intersting topics…, Your email address will not be published. This is referred to as "cutting in." A pan of hot water, in which a cooking vessel is kept for slow cooking. A French culinary term meaning a savoury spread made of ground meat, fish or vegetables and spices and is eaten cold. To cut up food esp meat into very small pieces usually with the help of a mincer. And let us benefit from it. The resultant liquid is very flavourful and used in making sauces. To work dough, clay etc by pulling and pushing with hand to make it soft and pliable. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, serve targeted advertisements and for social media. A culinary term that refers to cutting zigzags in the edges of fruit and vegetables halves to be used as a garnish. The purpose of cutting butter or solid shortening into flour is to create a flaky texture in pie pastry and cookies. Essentially to separate the grains (of rice) with a fork so that they do not stick together or become mushy. Another research suggests that there is no connection between fats in butter and heart disease risk. To gently turn the mixture over itself, until it is mixed. To cook food in hot liquids, below or just at boiling point. Foods that conform to the Jewish dietary regulations of Kashrut (dietary law). To pour a liquid substance through a porous or perforated device or material to separate out any solid matter. Sauteing or searing food like meats and vegetables in hot oil or fat and browning them before simmering them in some liquid. A French culinary term which is a seasoned butter sauce, flavoured with white wine, shallots and vinegar or lemon juice, usually served with sea food. To distribute cold fat like butter into flour by performing a cutting in motion with a knife or pastry blender. Blooming is generally used in reference to gelatin, cocoa powder, spices and yeast. Keep it away from pungent foods as it has a tendency to pick up the flavours. Mixing a substance with another so that they become a uniform homogenous substance. It’s best to buy the right type to suit your needs, most sweet and baking recipes call for unsalted butter, but salted butter is better for spreading onto toast and croissants.


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