There’s a system in place to allow players to pay tokens to bring lower-level items up to par with higher level characters, as well as a means to swap the look of a piece of equipment with the stats of another. However, while the game itself was great, the prequel comic that told the story of what occurred between the two games left a lot to be desired. Though, the Dark Knight now has a new ally in the form of Harley Quinn. Though, the Dark Knight now has a new ally in the form of Harley Quinn. But in addition to that, it also seemingly changes how Dick Grayson dies, because he was the one who was supposed to die in that scene. Where follow-ups to traditional comic book events often fail, Injustice 2 is a worthy successor to the original in almost every way. Rex Lokus gets the right colors, whether through the emotionally heavy scenes or bright moments. Want a cupcake, Bats? It takes a lot to get a popular character like Harley Quinn into a video game in the first place, let alone allowing players to change her from this: Creating my own custom version of The Flash or Wonder Woman or Gorilla Grodd is quite satisfying, but it would be better if the gear system weren’t so damn complicated. Therefore, what was the point? Please read our Terms and Conditions for site visitors. The Good: Given that the game is a fighting game some may be surprised that Injustice 2 Annual #2 is not the action packed conclusion to this comic book series. Sometimes random chance really sucks. Netherrealm Studios stumbling while adding an innovative new feature to Injustice 2 would have been much more tragic if the bits they normally excel at, fighting and storytelling, weren’t so spectacular this time around. I feel that this was out of character even for Superman. Kotaku elder, lover of video games, keyboards, toys, snacks, and other unsavory things. Each Multiverse event presents a series of battles with special modifiers. As if the planet didn’t have enough problems, Brainiac arrives to finish off his Kryptonian collection. The premise of the Injustice 2 video game's story was very interesting. And those super moves are just as super as they were the first time around, if not more so. Completing story chapters rewards the player with loot boxes and gear. In addition to that, the Amazo was a genuine treat. Netherealm Studios’ hit 2013 fighting game saw Superman driven by grief over the death of Lois Lane and their unborn son by the hands of the Joker. Instead Tom Taylor opts for a more character-centric approach to concluding the Injustice 2 comic. The ability to change the appearance of these comic book icons, let alone enhance their stats and customize their play style, is a pretty big deal. : Warren Ellis’s KARNAK and a Reminder to Not be the Worst, Learning to Love the Legion [Bonus]: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #6, The Harsh Experience of Survival with DESERTER, The Expansion of Comic Language: MELANCOLíA and Graphic Poetry, A Bird with Broken Wings: Hector German Santarriaga’s JULIA, Comics and the FILM PHOTONOVEL: One-on-One with Jan Baetens. Superman driven by grief over the death of Lois Lane and their unborn son by the hands of the Joker. Furthermore, the death of Victor Zsasz also calls into question how Alfred is eventually murdered, because the comic carries on the fact that he is still murdered at some point - however, how can Zsasz be the murderer if he was apparently killed years before that incident? Shelves: comics, comics-tom-taylor, comics-dc-other Another great volume of “Injustice 2.” I’m actually running out of things to say about this series: Tom Taylor is delivering, for my money, the best ongoing series that DC is currently publishing. While it’s standard comic-book fare, Injustice 2’s story balances it’s many layers of personal and fantastic drama. The mix of new moves for old characters and a healthy injection of fresh talent—there are 15 new characters in Injustice 2, not counting DLC fighters—leads to a more even playing field for online play. Freed from the Joker’s thrall for good, Harley Quinn works a computer in Bruce Wayne’s hideout, wearing a bat symbol on the back of her jacket. It didn’t serve as some sort of catalyst in the way John Stewart’s death forced Hal to kill Guy and fully embrace the power of the Yellow Ring. We find out how Brainiac came to form an alliance with Grodd, how he managed to merge with Bruce Wayne’s “Brother Eye,” and how Hal Jordan got his green ring back (though him saying he “went through hell” to get it back in the Injustice 2 game seems like a stretch now that we know what actually happened.) Open the loot boxes you get, make your character look as cool as you can, and move on. Aaron Long & Matt Santori Now brutal murderer Superman and “I don’t want to fight you” Batman are back, joining forces against the most diabolical foe the DC Universe has ever faced—loot boxes. I won’t say that it didn’t have it’s cool moments, but I can’t say that it added to the story in any substantial way that warranted its inclusion. Spoilers follow for both the Injustice 2 game and comic. It's clear that Superman's Justice League is trying to do the right thing, but it's even clearer that they're not going about it in the best way. I mean, another Robin dies and Batman doesn’t say anything about it during the events of the game. Injustice 2 #60 DC Comics Writer: Tom Taylor Artists: Xermanico, J.Nanjan, Tyler Kirkham (cover) Booster’s Titans make a new alliance in the hopes to defeat the wrath of the sinister Starro and the Red Lantern Corps, but are they too late? Players create a team of three characters for others to face-off against in computer controlled battles, complete with a comical fast-forward feature. Building upon that clumsy beginning, Boon and company have created a fighting game franchise that’s right up there with the Arkham series in the ranks of the best DC Comics games of all-time. The difference between this prequel comic in comparison to the original comic is that there just seems to be a genuine disconnect from the comics and the game. I don’t typically mind comics that are concurrently connected to another form of media, though I do understand there are expectations that adapted media have to aspire to. We get the classic touch of these characters, but with changes that fit a new universe with its own challenging morality. Art by Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus & Wes Abbott This scene is truly beautiful and it marks an important narrative effect in that Kent is looking for people to embody hope in a world that was recently devastated, and the entire environment is bright, crisp, and clear. While the original comic had a level of depth to it that made it all worthwhile, this felt like - as people in the anime realm refer to it - a filler. Kara is to be his protector, as long as she doesn’t get knocked off course and forced into cryosleep for several decades. Injustice 2 is an American comic book series written by Tom Taylor and published by DC Comics.It is based on Injustice: Gods Among Us and its sequel, Injustice 2.It is set in an alternate reality where a Batman-led insurgency has defeated Superman's totalitarian regime and has to deal with the aftermath. : Getting Through 2020 with Jack Kirby, KIRBYOLOGY! )” You can view more of his work by clicking here. Whoops. Starro was destroyed - and Booster along with him; Brainiac was on Earth and ready to find the two remaining Kryptonians; Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Black Adam we’re back in Khadaq, and Batman and his allies were living their normal lives - whatever that entails. In the Injustice: Gods Among Us prequel comic we see our favorite DC heroes clash as they attempt to deliver their own brand of justice and save the world from those they deem to be evil. I rather enjoyed Hal’s arc in the Injustice 2 comic; watching him come to terms with his past sins (specifically murdering Guy) was interesting, and it also devoted some much needed time to Atrocitus, who felt rather shoehorned into the game.


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