Our curriculum has been designed to be broad and ambitious, enabling pupils to make strong progress. Spring Term 2 Overview. Year 4 Curriculum Overview. Spring Term 1 Overview. It is coherently planned and sequenced in all subject areas and as a whole entitlement. Summer Term 1 Overview. CURRICULUM OVERVIEW YEAR 4. Factor: Caribbean steel pan drumming Fantastic Finish: Caribbean day in school Book: The Caribbean Dozen.Edited by: John Agard & Grace Nicholls. To begin this unit the children have the opportunity to attend a Caribbean steel pan drumming workshop, exploring many of the exciting elements of Caribbean music. Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2020-2021. This curriculum map is specifically designed for teachers of Preschool and Pre-K, or children 4 years of age. Autumn Term 2 Overview. Class texts. A class listing and expectation explanation during Year 1 of the apprenticeship program. Year 4 Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 - Coming to England WOW! FMAT students (who will have already completed their Family Medicine clerkship during the MS2 year) will instead complete a dedicated course (FMAT3) that covers learning objectives from the SubInternship and Critical Care Selectives normally completed in Year 4 of the standard curriculum. Many of the ideas and resources can be modified to meet the unique needs of students who are struggling, or those who may need more challenging material. Annual Overview . Year 4 Curriculum Overview - Term 1 2020 English – Investigating author's language in a familiar narrative This term, Year 4 students will read a narrative and examine and analyse the language features and techniques used by the author. This fantastic booklet features an overview of the brand new curriculum. Summer Term 2 Overview. Years 3 and 4 Termly Planning. A teaching essential! This document will give you further information regarding the areas covered in this terms learning. Curriculum Overview. Willow Pattern by Tony Mitton Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton Norse Mythology (extracts) by Neil Gaiman King Alfred by Christina Dugan Factor: Caribbean themed day.Making Johnny cakes, learning traditional songs and dances and … Subject: And to understand what your students should know by the end of the year, check out our Year 5 Curriculum Overview … Year 1 Curriculum Overview. Year 4 Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 - Caribbean Dozen. If you require any further information about our school curriculum, please contact the school office. Here you will find the subjects and topics the children will be learning throughout the year. Year 4. Lower School: Year 4 Curriculum Overview Spring Term NB ART / DT DRAMA MUSIC ICT/COMPUTING ART Studying flowers and looking at different shapes and forms Researching and discussing the work of Artists who have used flowers as subject matter, including They will create a new chapter for the narrative for an audience of their peers mathematical situations. WOW! Autumn Term 1 Overview.


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