It will definitely work until I can build my own (sometime after I send my now 5 year old through college). It comes down to “you get what you paid for”. My shop is in my garage, and with the drawers facing the garage doors, vibrations from working on the bench have the drawers slowly opening from the slight down-grade pitch. It is now over eight weeks since I assembled my workbench, and the missing part still has not arrived. I have been looking at this bench, was about to buy when the wife let me purchase a new floor TS. -- A woman's work is never done-but power tools help! Th plastic drawer releases will nor release the drawers. This is very important if you need to cut large pieces of material. It looks like it would wobble like crazy. There was a coupon in a woodworking magazine that I used to get the special price. In other words, steer clear from liquid cleaners, rubbing alcohol and detergents. It is therefore clearly one monster of a workbench from the get-go. The screws for assembling it we so cheep I was twisting off the heads by hand with a screwdriver so started using drywall screws instead. ($100 on sale, 20% coupon, 10% tax.) It is sturdy and can be adapted to do a lot of things. We recommend finding and choosing a great spot for it before assembling so that you won’t have to, or want to, relocate it anytime soon. I bought a 130 pc tool set to replace my lower intake manifold gasket (really only needed a couple of pieces). Metal frame/legs and butcher block top. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. The WINDSOR harbor freight workbench can hold up to 250 pounds in weight! I think that my biggest problem with this (which technically isn't the manufacturer's fault) is that it has SO many good reviews that I was misled into thinking that it was a really great bench for the price. I hate to introduce myself as an expert, rather I am more of a person who loves to share the knowledge for people’s interest. Apart from the massive working surface, you furthermore 4 drawers, each measuring 21 inches in length, almost 13 inches inwards and 3 inches in height. Love Harbor Freight! As a handyman HF helped my business grow. I would have given it 5 stars if I didn’t feel the picture was misleading about the table top thickness. This beast and monster of a workbench, with a high-quality body and built, and its efficient design costs a fraction of its worth. I put it together in about 45 minutes with no problems. But then, I’m biased. Just put this together as well, and made a few minor modifications to fix a few problems. Answer: Yes, of course. I have visited stores all over and the service is always good. I couldn’t take a photo after they were in because it’s too dark (oops), but this is what the jars look like: Finally, everyone I saying the instructions are poor and translated badly. Sturdy and lots of storage for dies, etc. I bought this bench from Harbor freight. There are 62 #8 wood screws. So at $129 the 60” bench is the same price as their 48” bench. The handheld drill set I use almost once a week I bought from Harbor Freight about 5 years ago and it still Works like new. It double boxed in a surprisingly … I don't see purchasing any more hand tools from Harbor Freight in the future. It seems like they are trained to just say whatever to prolong it so that your bank then has to dispute it. They say they have a lifetime warranty; however if you buy a set, and 1 tool breaks you have to return the whole set to get it replaced. For a workbench this massive and solid, you can probably expect it to withstand and hold a lot. And if that weren’t enough, the Windsor harbor freight workbench also offers you a precision-machined wood block vise with a 7-inch capacity and pre-drilled dog holes to secure your woodworking projects. I also bought some concrete anchors and if it moves around, I’ll bolt it down. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Harbor Freight Tools? By myself it took about an hour and a half to put together, but mostly because I chose to use a hand held screwdriver assembling the drawers rather than my power drill. Unsubscribe easily. You will, of course, have the handy manual and instruction booklet along so don’t worry. They could not tell me if my shredder would ship when they receive more since they do not know how many are on backorder. The box was pretty beat up when it was delivered to me (via FedEx). Customer service was not helpful, sending me a copy of the internal order for the part but not providing any information on if or when it might be shipped. That’s a whopping amount of weight to hold a workbench that itself weighs less than 150 pounds. Rarely have l had any complaint but whenever l did they have always worked diligently to rectify the problem. We see a lot of good in it and we believe you will too. The second woman flat out lied to me. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. It went pending for a week. The bench has a 250 pound capacity, but I suspect you could reinforce it a bit and increase that limit. Can only ship to contiguous 48 US States. And as well it should be! Workbenches are a staple in every household with a tools man living in it. Someday I shall build myslef a sturdier and heavier bench but for right now it help me to get by. I'm absolutely appalled by the way everyone lied. Love that radial head drill press…adjusted the head WAY out front and it made drilling out a partially pre-assembled bench easy peasy ;). I can also clear the bench of all reloading tools and work on other projects. It has some good points but it has some fatal flaws.


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