“I see less interesting stuff in my RSS feed every day of the week.” Thats on the properties. Significantly more effective as a decongestant than phenylephrine… This is consistent with reduction of commercially available ephedrine or pseudoephedrine as the origin of the casually procured material used in this study. You don't need 2 Bee High to follow the goings-on @The-Hive--Just Addikted! Whoever’s behind the Journal of Apocryphal Chemistry is trying to do everyone a good deed before we get into allergy season. Yes, it's very easy to extract pseudoephedrine from Claritin. @25 Speaking from, well, experimentation(Ok, so its not Empirical data, but it is data!) Not more difficult as brewing beer - what is not so easy as some may think btw.. No, that's not true sorry. Addition of ethanol, which increases benzaldehyde solubility, was not beneficial for (R)-PAC production. Has anyone used Vick’s Nasal Inhaler? Today, ephedrine … Sulfuric acid and ethyl alcohol used in the fractionation step are characterized by synthesis of diethyl ether when heat is applied. Extracting the above extract with a 0.5M ¾SO. Through this measure of ephedrine's various immune activities, we have examined the general applicability of it as a new immune enhancing material.  While the conventional method of separating ephedrine from ephedra from the ephedra has a yield of 0.002, the yield of ephedrine obtained through this isolation method has been increased to 0.0085¾ (85.46 ± 0.42; ag / g). Bakers yeast from the supermarket. NMR analysis confirmed that the ephedra fraction, which had undergone ultra high pressure, produced a compound similar to ephedrine (Fig. A quick search of several neighborhoods of the United States revealed that while pseudephedrine is difficult to obtain, N-methylmethamphetamine can be procured at almost any time on short notice and in quantities sufficient for synthesis of useful amounts of the desired material. Ever since then I always carry ID when I go to the pharmacy, even if all I’m buying is cough drops. 4).  1. What’s next? It also seems to me to have a shorter t 1/2 for what little therapeutic benefit it does provide. Start with how to get your (pseudo)ephedrine. The present invention relates to a method for isolating ephedrine from Ephedra sinica Stapf, which is a representative medicinal herb, at a high yield, and to an adjuvant for enhancing immunity containing the ephedrine as an active ingredient. %PDF-1.6 %âãÏÓ B. Hakkenshit. both yeast (Candida utilis) and pyruvatedecarboxylase (PDC). Set up 3,000 ~ 3,500 psi to perform supercritical extraction. ; EN; 28; 50; 1987; 6313-6316. Upsides. After drying the fractions under reduced pressure to obtain a powder, the powder was completely dissolved in methane and placed in a supercritical extraction device. We present here a convenient series of transformations using reagents which can be found in most well stocked organic chemistry laboratories. That's an infuriating implication to make at this late stage.Oh so it is a walk in the park then, I thought so, thats what the first references I've read translated to a long time ago..... seemed straightforward and complete enough, it seems it always was.I think Ill trust the references on the yeast species, candida utilis.The benzaldehyde and acetaldehyde was always something to work at, it's just that uncertainties were portrayed.Ohh you meant difficult as in you'd have to follow instructions and a few parametres. In this situation, the present inventors have effectively isolated ephedrine from ephedra and further revealed its immune cell growth promoting and NK cell growth promoting activity. Senior chemistry bees have continually given the misleading impression that there was vital or atleast important information mission necessary to success.What do you mean beer-making is hard?!?!?!?!!?!??! In addition, it was confirmed that the ephedrine through the IR, NMR structural analysis and MASS molecular weight analysis of the finally obtained separation material. After adding the ephedra isolate to B cells, the culture was added to NK-cells to measure activity.


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