And if so, what is the cost? Do you have any rules, formulars or scientific publications which deal about that? This is on uphill road of 45 deg⁡〖slope 〗 at max.speed of 25 kmph Já conseguiu evoluir no seu projeto? Material properties and thickness of stator and rotor laminations. PETG is a little more forgiving at around 90c, but it isn’t ideal. Will you please post a drawing with dimensions or a CAD file of the metal parts? Откровенное интервью с HONESTLY, Malu Trevejo live | Without support the sun is out but it seems cold! Example for 1000Rpm: the rps will be 1000rpm/60s = 16,66 then  f=16,22 x 40poles/2 will result in: f= 333.2Hz. For an electric motor bike of 130 kgs to travel in urban area, How much Kilo Watt BLDC Motor @ 48 Volts excitation is to be selected? :D, Also, since he has a 3D printer, axial flux motors might be worth exploring, as they can remain efficient even without a ferromagnetic core for the windings…. Multumesc, Please send me the technic/CAD files so i can build that motor as well. You will increase the weight of the DC unit but if implementig to a car this will be a good to keep weight on the wheel’s level. A verbal non-disclosure agreement will be fine with me after a few minutes conversation in terms of seeing if wears of Asimilar mindset. Very nice. Might have serious cooling issues though. .recentcomments a{display:inline !important;padding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;} Hi, from malaysia :> , your design look fantastic ! All Rights Reserved. How much for this project and how I can get more detail and price Motor/ controller performance evaluation, test bench setup. Locuiesc in Bucuresti. If you would like to view or join in the project, please go to this link. why not? */. My general thinking is to make versus buy subsystems. De unde pot sa fac rost de tabla de fero-siliciu . Example. The videos below shows an impressive test of the motor. admin. Beautiful is right. Daca da, va rog contactati-ma la adresa de e-mail de mai sus, my friend iulian DEV Community © 2016 - 2020. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Great job, WhatsApp and Cell: +90 506 859 2423. Can you make me a custom motor to my specifications? Can be: concentrated or fractional slot type. You said you enforced with kevlar the magnets. We're a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. Eulogy To Arecibo: With Demise Of A Unique Scientific Facility, Who Will Carry The Torch? I’m working in a EV conversion, and this motor fit my requirements, what is the motor price? 96-96,8% Motor efficiency measured. The usage of ESC which is at least 20% larger will make the motor work effectively. PLA has a glass transition range of a little over 60c, You don’t need it to be molten to deform (I left a spinner in my car yesterday, it was deformed and it never got over 21c all day). How to build your own primitive surveillance system with Raspberry Pi in less than one hour . There should also be some way made to balance the rotor without any magnets installed. |... Add a Battery Percentage LCD Screen to Any DIY Electric Skateboard Build. I try to estimate best pole/mag combination. speed of motor and max. WhatsApp. Please let me know if you decide to sell plans. mr do you have best invention from moter ,i ts relay good contraction idea .grate to grate thinking ,you can help us me .i m from inventor sir Lanka .smart self generating method i wont from you 45kw stator winding digram. This is on flat road at max.speed of 130kmph Either if using Li- ones.


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