Pray that they make the right decisions. Proverbs 22:6, NKJV  Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. However, the Bible gives us direct instructions on parenting God’s way, thus making the journey easier. For example, Solomon was the wisest king to ever live—he built a temple for the Lord, ruled during Israel’s golden age, and wrote three books in the Old Testament. When you read the Bible with your children, you are teaching them that it is God’s infallible Word. The Bible instructs us on the importance of discipline (Proverbs 12:1) and teaching our children about what is most important in this life. Ever why so many children leave the church when they graduate? We are sinners and we fail often, but look to God first and your children will be more likely to do the same. As a Christian parent, it can be very overwhelming to raise our children in today’s world. There will be bumps in the road. First, note that the Hebrew verb translated “train” occurs three other times in the Bible. (Colossians 3:21). Encourage your children to read the Bible (there are Bible’s for every age and interest) and read from the Bible with them often. Parents in American culture, like in Australia, do not discipline children God’s way. Each day, you have a wonderful opportunity for talking with your child if you practice family mealtimes. With staggering statistics of children leaving the church in early adulthood, what can we do to increase the odds that our kids will continue to walk with God? The two biggest takeaways for me, from the book, were praying over your child’s future spouse (yes, even as babies and children!) Many people, including some Christians, fail to realize that one God-given aspect of biblical discipline is corporal punishment—and God tells parents to use it in disciplining their children. Eli was responsible for the spiritual and religious training of Samuel, who in turn was instrumental in calling Israel to repentance and delivering them from foreign domination. This must be the daily endeavor of every parent as they aim to raise godly children. "All Things Work Together for Good" 4. There are additional methods of discipline as well, such as “timeouts”, removing privileges, and more. It was not a favorite verse, yet I could quote it verbatim. Portraits of eleven courageous women of the Bible and how to apply their stories to your life and faith. (Proverbs 22:6), Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of correction will drive it far from him. "Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart" Kevin Donnelly, director of the Education Standards Institute, not only identified a problem with the school system, but also suggested that parents “needed to play a bigger role in teaching their children respect for authority.”. Cookie Policy, Privacy, Disclosure, Submissions Agreement, Terms. Prayer is very powerful and is so important for our kids. But in the end, it is worth it! But they should be used in conjunction with spanking-as-needed, not in place of it. Make sure you are connected to a church 9. Her Husband is Respected at the City Gate, Unequally Yoked – What the Bible Says and Your Powerful Opportunity, 9 Keys to a Successful Godly Marriage (Relationship Triangle with God), Unique And Useful Gifts For The Coffee Lover In Your Life, Courageous Women of the Bible Book Review. The father (with his wife’s assistance and cooperation)) is commanded: How are you training up your child? For more detailed information, please visit our Affiliate Disclaimer pageCoffee Lover Gifts     I’m a coffee…. For those of you with grown children, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children is a great read, as well. God’s word is full of instruction on not just parenting, but nearly every issue we face as humans during our time on earth, yet according to studies, less than 20% of churchgoers read the Bible daily and less than 3% of teens read their Bible.


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