Assuredly, Lynyrd Skynyrd was not referring to indigo in his song. Fill a non-reactive dye pot or a sturdy plastic bucket about 2/3 full with hot water – approximately 120F. An indigo vat is exhausted when your fabric is no longer darkening but the vat still appears reduced. Indigo Series Air/Water/Remote Condenser Ice Machines Technician s Handbook. As mentioned above, the best type of container for a vat is a cylinder shape with a tight fitting lid. Making an indigo vat: Part 2 of 2; Making an indigo vat :: Part 1 of 2. (Notice the swirling scum on the top of the bath–an almost sure sign that this indigo vat is ready for dyeing and the source of the “disagreeable” smell.). She posed, wearing the beauty of Lao silk against the backdrop of an indigo-dyed, supplementary weft silk piece, while I purchased the simple striped indigo for ClothRoads. I enlarged… Below are some troubleshooting tips I've provided to accompany the above recipe. Be the first to discover new treasures! many different materials. Home Page › Asia › From the Indigo Vat to Woven Cloth in Laos, Why is it every time I think of an indigo vat, the lyrics “Can’t you smell that smell?” pop out of my mouth? Indigo Fructose Dye Vat. The Lao Textile Museum sits here too–one building, a raised village house, and the other housing the museum’s artifacts of Lao baskets, ceramics, clothing, photos, woven silk textiles and tools. If your vat is blue then there is a problem. From the rivers of India to the mountaintops of Peru, we go directly to villages and cooperatives to bring you these textile stories and the work of skilled artisans who are dyeing, weaving, spinning, printing and embroidering some of world’s most beautiful objects. I let this starter vat sit overnight and kept it warm by wrapping a towel around it. Since 2011 I have been making and using organic indigo vats, an art and skill that I learned from Michel Garcia. Ms. Sisane surrounded by exquisite Lao traditional supplementary weft silk weavings. 13 thoughts on “ Troubleshooting a Hydros Indigo Vat ” glennis says: May 11, 2013 at 11:43 am . There are four or five standard issues that can arise with the indigo vat. The indigo studio is just across the way. Privacy guaranteed. The indigo vat style provided in this natural dye kit is know as the iron vat and contains ferrous sulfate and lime, both of which can be damaging to finer protein fibers like wool and silk. Colors of America: Cochineal workshop with Yoshiko I. Wada; Natural Color: Fiber and Dye with Catharine Ellis; Maintaining and Troubleshooting an Organic Indigo Vat with Catharine Ellis; Natural Dye Study Group Gather in Asheville, NC! Weaving a traditional fabric using indigo-dyed silk. The following day the Indigo starter had separated into several lovely layers. The Center’s grounds were verdant, providing a rich contrast to the deep carved teak of buildings, a throwback to the French Colonial era. Nov 9, 2015 - Sometime ago Yoshiko asked me to occasionally provide some useful input to the Dye Nerds Blog. A vat can be reheated, and recharged at any time. Here you’ll find folk and collectible textiles, accessories, fabric, and fiber art materials from many corners of the globe, along with fascinating stories of indigenous artisans and ancient techniques used in traditional and modern ways. Tags: Indigo, Lao Textile Museum, Lao-Japan Traditional Cultural Education Center, Natural dye, Vientiane, Weaving. All Rights Reserved. The Lao Textile Museum is part of the Lao-Japan Traditional Cultural Education Center in Vientiane. (Notice the swirling scum on the top of the bath–an almost sure sign that this indigo vat is ready for dyeing and the source of the “disagreeable” smell.) Travel with us on ClothRoads to a world of authentic textile culture. And, on the other loom, I spotted this simple, striped beauty of indigo cotton cloth being woven–it was such a contrast to the intricate silk weaving that it intrigued me. The large size challenges me to solve problems as I encounter them. Aug 1, 2016 - If you've dyed with indigo for any length of time, you may have come to the point of needing to do indigo vat troubleshooting. Indigo Vat Troubleshooting One: The Indigo Vat Liquid is Blue. Weaving Studio Upon entering the weaving studio, I encountered my first Lao loom. The questions I receive most frequently about natural dyeing seems to center on the indigo vat and its maintenance. Then, check the temperature of your vat. It's solid. So we use Michel Garcia's recipe 1-2-3 Organic Indigo Vat. The vat is used regularly and I achieve excellent color from the indigo. This 60” length of organic cotton fabric holds potential for napkins, a tablecloth, pillows, bags, or a simple summer top or skirt. Indigo Fructose Vat Indigo Fructose Dye Vat. Stir the vat gently. I have been making and using organic indigo … This photograph displays the indigo molecule in multiple forms.


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