Our carefully designed Israel tour packages will help you maximize your time in Israel. Sign up! From the biggest concerts in Tel Aviv to the events only locals know about, we hand pick the events which give the most amazing insight into experiencing Israel like an Israeli. See all the major attractions, get the best value, and experience Israel with our hand-picked guides. For visiting hour and ticket prices see the Biblical Zoo’s website. So, Zoo planners decided to branch beyond strictly biblical animals and include worldwide endangered species as well. Zoo Map Q&A Accessibility. Cookies help us deliver our services. Google Play. During holiday periods, the Friendly Animal Houses enables guided, hands-on encounters with less-fearsome animals while the Noah’s Ark Sculpture Garden is an exotic new playground designed by sculptress Niki de Saint Phalle (creator of the renowned Mifletzet or Monster children’s slide in Kiryat HaYovel) and architect Mario Botta (designer of Tel Aviv University’s Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Cultural Center). Copyright © 2020 Traveling Jewish on the Foodie Pro Theme. The zoo is home to 2,200 animals representing over 270 different species across 62 acres. The photos in this article were kindly provided by Ziv Turner from Kfar Sava, Israel. Your email address will not be published. During the War of Independence and the siege of Jerusalem, when food for the city’s population was at a scares, zookeepers resorted to hunting down stray dogs near garbage dumps in order to feed the carnivorous animals. For up to date information on opening times, getting here, and entrance charges, please see the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Website, here, or call +972-2-6750111. Details; Overview; Products specifications. The zoo is home to 2,200 animals representing over 270 different species across  62 acres. Early on, the zoo ran into several difficulties in its decision to focus on animals mentioned in the Bible. Anroid. Officially dubbed the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem, Jerusalemites know it by a different name: The Biblical Zoo. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day in Jerusalem. Aharon Shulov 1 Jerusalem 02-6750111 Contact us. בביקורכם בגן החיות גם אתם תומכים במטרה חשובה זו. You can see more of his photos at his Flickr acount, here, or visit, http://colaholic1972.wordpress.com/ where he regularly blogs. The zoo’s visitors’ center, which overlooks the African savannah – is shaped in the form of an ark, with an auditorium, a temporary exhibits gallery, computer information stations, a souvenir shop and a cafeteria situated on the ark’s deck. The zoo sees its primary goal as the conservation of endangered species. The unique collection focuses on species mentioned in the Bible but are now extinct in the region, as well as endangered species. Over 170 diverse species of animals are here to be seen. Stunning views to be enjoyed by Flickr user Kenzoka. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo was originally established in 1940 as a tiny little children's zoo on Harav Kook Street in central Jerusalem. גן החיות התנ"כי הוא בועה ירוקה של טבע ובעלי-חיים בלב העיר ירושלים. The park includes a wildlife savannah with free-roaming animals and a visitor’s train that provides transportation throughout the park with several stations along the route. That’s not to say that other animals are missing, however, and most animals you might expect to see at a zoo will be found here. The zoo grew to 28 acres and more than 200 species, including most of the 130 animals mentioned in the Bible. Over 100 tours in Israel including day tours, multi-day tours, packages, private tours, and more. And this being Jerusalem and the ‘Biblical’ zoo, most of these were mentioned in the Bible. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. גן החיות שותף בפרויקטים של שמירת טבע והגנה על בעלי-חיים. istore. The park centers on a vast man-made lake complete with waterfalls and side pools, surrounded by spacious lawns and … Entrance is allowd until one hour before closing. With the widest selection of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, and zimmers across the country, we have your accommodation needs covered. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day in Jerusalem. ע״ש משפחת טיש. The park centers on a vast man-made lake complete with waterfalls and side pools, surrounded by spacious lawns and shaded beauty spots. This was caused by over-hunting, destruction of natural habitats by rapid construction and development, illegal poisoning by farmers, and low birth rate. Download the Zoo App! Through gifts, trades with other zoos, and its success at breeding, the zoo’s collection exceeded 500 animals by 1967. The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Jerusalem. Relax and enjoy Israel while you let us take care of everything for you. After the War of Independence ended in 1949, this part of Jerusalem was under Jordan rule. The zoo and the animals within it were neglected until the United Nations intervened to help end the animal suffering by relocating the zoo in 1950. An alternative, and incredibly fun way to see the zoo is by segway tour – tours include the entry fee. Biblical Zoo. Be the first to know! Jerusalem Biblical Zoo A family destination and Israel’s biggest tourist attraction, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo covers over 62 acres of stunning terrain in the south of Jerusalem. Filed Under: Israel, Jerusalem, Outdoors and Nature in Israel Tagged With: Israel, Jerusalem. App Store. By that point, out of 200 animals that immigrated to the zoo on Mount Scopus only 18 animals remained including a lion, tiger, hyena, two eagles, two kangaroos and two bears. Still, many of the carnivores died anyway, and other, non-dangerous species had to be released. Sites to be admired by Flickr user Kenzoka. A family destination and Israel’s biggest tourist attraction, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo covers over 62 acres of stunning terrain in the south of Jerusalem. Region: Jerusalem area . September 24, 2020 by Admin Leave a Comment. Help spread the word. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The Purple Mark- posters and stickers for download and printing, Airports & Harbours Border Checkpoints  (17), Emergency Instructions and Information (11), The Purple Mark- posters and stickers for download and printing (6), Attraction Type: Archaeology and History, Region: Jerusalem Area, Address: Nahalat Shiva st, Jerusalem, Address: Agron 6, Jerusalem, Region: Jerusalem Area, Kosher: Yes, Separated Rooms: Yes, Explanation about the categories in the system, Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00, Monday: 09:00 - 18:00, Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00, Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00, Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00, Friday: 09:00 - 16:30, Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00, Holiday eve: 09:00 - 16:30, Holiday: 10:00 - 18:00. Zoo Newsletter. The Biblical Zoo was founded as a small petting zoo in 1939 by one of the first professors of zoology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Desert falcon at the Zoo by Flickr user Kenzoka. As its nickname would imply, the zoo deals especially with the conservation and display of animals mentioned in the Jewish scriptures, with … From the must-visits including tours to Jerusalem, Masada, Dead Sea, Galilee, and Petra, to the more off-the-beaten-track, all tours on Tourist Israel are available to book with guaranteed departures and the best prices. However, during the Six-Day War, 110 animals were killed by shrapnel and stray bullets. Even though it is formally named “The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem,” most people still call it by its original name: the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. This area was provided by the Hebrew University and was shared with the Jerusalem Botanical Garden today known as the The National Botanic Garden of Israel. New! URL. The zoo was founded and established by the late Prof. Aharon Shulov, one of the pioneers in the field of zoology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Attraction Type: Nature And Animals, Region: Jerusalem Area, Address: 1 Aaron Shulov Rd., Jerusalem, Ministry of Tourism.© All rights reserved. Thanks to its breeding program, 11 species that had disappeared from Israel were reintroduced into nature reserves around the country, including the Syrian brown bear, the addax, and two types of fallow deer. Today the famous for its Afro-Asiatic collection of wildlife – many of which are Biblical animals – and for its success in breeding endangered species. It also includes endangered species worldwide, such as the Asian elephant, rare species of macaw, the cockatiel, the ibis


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