Calvin Lockett, Durham, N.C.Song: “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” by The TemptationsOnce again, Gwen wins a surprising contestant with her excellent sales pitch. But as you would expect, there are plenty of times when the coaches don’t turn their chairs around, and The Voice airs some of these auditions too. In the film, Creasy also gets shot about five times, and dies of his injuries at the end of the film, although he gives his life to save Pita's. He performed his own arrangement, which had him holding out parts of the song in a way that Charles and Nelson don’t do in their original recording. The film also introduced the aspect that Creasy should be struggling with his faith and be very religious, despite his brutal methods of torture and murder; as suggested by Denzel Washington. I know, I know, these are blind auditions, but they should’ve felt the power emanating from those babies. As John points out, he has “the tools” he just needs the polish: Some more confidence and control would do the trick.Chair Turns: Ugh, no one! Creasy buys a small arsenal of weapons from an illegal gun dealer and starts to brutally take out corrupt police officers and officials. Creasy then faked his death and then reunited with her. Known for voicing Lombardo. The Voice demands $10 million for Pita’s return and Samuel Ramos delivers the money to the designated spot. Let’s see how things shake out tonight! Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. While we await the resolution to that cliffhanger, let’s talk front runners: Who’s stood out to you the most after three nights of Blind Auditions? ", "I am going to ask questions. Was born May 14, 1982 - Los Angeles, California, USA. And when all four coaches turn, it’s a good sign they think your talent is something special. Lev! Watch Johnny Sanchez, who appeared on “The Voice” this year, perform at the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce mixer at the San Benito County Free Library. He imagined that Creasy would look like actor Robert Mitchum. Forget it! He then uses a sawn-off shotgun to break into a Rave and kill all the kidnappers that live there, burning the place down in the process. He gets the four-chair turn, naturally, but even better, all four of the judges seem to seriously be fighting for him. Sanchez is later shot dead at his home by Detective Manzano, who had been following and helping Creasy. used much of the book's dialogue and didn't describe Creasy's life as much, only clueing the audience into the fact that he killed a lot of people and is traumatized for that. We wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and attend events online. Honestly, it’s a mix of both. Give me Yev or give me death, I say! Marybeth Byrd, Amorel, Ark.Song: “Angel From Montgomery” by Bonnie RaittYes, let the Bonnie Raitt just wash all over you. © He served in the French Foreign Legion before becoming Pinta's bodyguard. Tamika does both the rap and singing in this song, which is bold, but it seems to throw off the judges. Become a Fan Remove Fan. View 3 images of Johnny Sanchez's characters from his voice acting career. And Kelly Clarkson said the reason why she didn’t turn was because she had just nabbed a country singer with a big voice, and didn’t want too many competing sounds on her team. There is trained and untrained. Watch Johnny Sanchez, who appeared on “The Voice” this year, perform at the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce mixer at the San Benito County Free Library. John Legend said he could tell Sanchez was a good singer, and just felt he needed a little more confidence. He’s very tall! And I’m not even going into that whole “Don’t Speak” thing because let Marybeth have her time in the spotlight, coaches!Chair Turns: An easy four-chair turn, with Blake blocked.Coach: Kelly’s block does her no good — Marybeth joins Team Legend! Shiro Ogami. In the film, "Sam", his charge, was kidnapped and wounded by the mafia, but she survived. The singer, Johnny Sanchez, performed a song that has been a country classic for decades…Willie Nelson and Ray Charles‘ “Seven Spanish Angels.”. This ends up being another showdown between Mom and Dad, and honestly, it could’ve gone either way.Chair Turns: Gwen and BlakeCoach: Team Gwen collects another great artist, Melinda Rodriguez, Miami, Fla.Song: “What a Wonderful World” by Eva CassidyMelinda has arrived at The Voice in the hopes of making jazz “cool again” and so decides to sing Eva Cassidy’s version of “What a Wonderful World.” You know who loves Eva Cassidy? He wrote under a pseundonym because he didn't want the mafia to target him. TRENDING THIS WEEK. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Gwen attempts to lure her to The House That Just a Girl Built, but Melinda is a perfect artist for Kelly. Johnny A. Sanchez has spent many years as a stand-up comedian and is a veteran of many Los Angeles comedy clubs. Creasy then gets the last piece of the kidnapping puzzle as he learns that the Voice is Daniel Sanchez. Crying!Coach: John Legend coming in with the folk music icons. December 13, 2019. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. He uses a Chinese RPG rocket launcher to take out a motorcade and then kidnap the president of La Hermenadad, a brotherhood of corrupt cops that ambushed the Voice's men, who he then kills by jamming a stick of dynamite up his rectum, but not before learning that the kidnapping was actually set up by Samuel Ramos and his lawyer Jordan Kalfus in order to get insurance money as Ramos was going bankrupt.


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