These stages constitute the cyberattack life cycle, also known as a cyber kill chain. Regardless, the movement is a pivot and a form of lateral movement between the resources. While the internet of medical things (IoMT) market has grown and diversified rapidly,  71 percent of the medical instruments that run Windows operating systems still use versions that will expire by January 2020. UK Head Office Through lateral movement, hackers penetrate deep into the hospital's network and gain access to critical databases such as the EHRs and PHI. Lateral movement is a key stage of the cyberattack chain, and published studies have found that it occurs in about 70% of cyberattacks. trying to execute certain commands). UBA tools apply Machine Learning to create a baseline of normal activities that are specific to each user and notify security personnel when there is a deviation from this norm. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. What exactly do they do after getting in? Attackers also use tools like BloodHound that use graph theory to reveal hidden and often unintended relationships within AD environments. Previous name: Identity theft using Pass-the-Ticket attack. Using this information, they may decide to exploit the known vulnerabilities of those services. They can utilize this device to perform further surveillance on the network before proceeding deeper into the network towards critical servers. Again, it’s merely a weak spot they found in your security and were able to compromise. In the phishing email scenario mentioned in the "Penetrating the healthcare network" phase, the hacker could've attached a file titled "Blood Test Report." Successful hackers pivot back and forth between different compromised nodes and continually burrow deeper into the network. Remember, lateral movement can happen in between resources and it is that inappropriate trust between them that should be prevented to mitigate the threats of lateral movement. When exploited, either method can allow a threat actor to move laterally among resources to achieve their objectives. This raises the obvious question—how do you protect against lateral movement when it can occur in so many different ways? Did you know that hackers can fetch up to a thousand dollars on the black market for health records but only a few dollars for Social Security numbers and credit cards? to another. There may still come a day when getting away with cybercrime is impossible and we see a drastic drop in cybercrime attempts. The attackers now start looking for ways to gain administrative rights and escalate privileges. He originally joined BeyondTrust in 2012 as a part of the eEye Digital Security acquisition. Morey currently oversees BeyondTrust strategy for privileged access management and remote access solutions. Each can be used to perform identity theft, synthetic identity fraud, or derive inferences to target the victims based on factors like ethnicity or health conditions. Using these techniques, they can move from one computer to the next and ultimately gain domain administrator privileges. This … Our conversations on lateral movement should always include the resources involved in a technology implementation and how are we securing privileged access and maintaining foundational security to protect the asset. Hackers employ various tactics to gain access to sensitive information guarded in a hospital network. Lateral movement is a key stage of the cyberattack chain, and published studies have found that it occurs in about 70% of cyberattacks. All rights reserved. If they receive a response, the attacker will assume the port is in use and may decide to probe it further for vulnerabilities. These databases are a rich repository of PII, containing names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, medical histories, and patient laboratory results. Pass-the-Ticket is a lateral movement technique in which attackers steal a Kerberos ticket from one computer and use it to gain access to another computer by reusing the stolen ticket. So how do cybercriminals move laterally through a network? Understanding the cyber-attack chain model can help IT security teams put strategies and technologies in place to “kill” or contain the attack at various stages, and better protect the IT ecosystem.


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