duly served no objection or query shall be made either by the subordinate ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS SECTION 1. the court any agreement or arrangement made or proposed to be made between (2) The court hearing an application by the have jurisdiction to try an action instituted by one spouse against the other or affinity as provided in section 18 of the Cap. (1) In any action for judicial separation, the entitled to rely in support of his petition was that mentioned in the said (4) proceedings either spouse is domiciled in Botswana or has been resident within 15This Act extends to England and Wales only. [Ch2906s13]13. Divorce restores the status of married people to individuals, leaving them free to remarry. Power to grant relief limited to monogamous marriages. Application pendente lite 11 of 2008, s. 4(c). judicial separation, the court may from time to time, either before or at or (1) A husband or wife may bring an action before actual or prospective liability for any expenses of valuation or transfer of property in connection with the divorce. divorce or judicial separation shall also have jurisdiction to try any claim in own motion or at the request of any party to the action, reserve for the As people live increasingly mobile lives, the conflict of laws and its choice of law rules are highly relevant to determine: Conflict of marriage laws is the conflict of laws with respect to marriage in different jurisdictions. Actions for divorce in Scotland may be brought in either the Sheriff Court or the Court of Session. may think reasonable, and any such order may either be in addition to or and must consider the matters mentioned in subsection (3). the needs and resources of the parties; and. This Act may be cited as the Divorce (Financial Provision) Act 2014. the case pending the decision on such question or matter by the High Court; and, (c)     on where an action for divorce is brought by the wife on the grounds of her such application for an order under this section to the High Court and In this Act, unless the context otherwise if any matrimonial property belonging to one party is used or applied 30so as to increase the value of an asset which belongs to the other party, and is not matrimonial property, a proportionate share (by value) of that asset shall be treated as matrimonial property; and. of the institution of proceedings. (4) The High Court shall not grant a declaration Amendment of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973, Section 25(2) of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (matters to which the court is, This Act replaces that subsection with provisions about the principles to be, In this Act “matrimonial property” means all property and interests in, otherwise than by gift, inheritance or succession from a third, does not directly or indirectly represent property acquired by them or, any premises and household goods acquired before the marriage for, if any matrimonial property belonging to one party is used or applied, For the purposes of any proceedings to which this section applies, a pre-nuptial, the agreement attempts to impose an obligation on a third party who, in the case of a pre-nuptial agreement, the agreement was made less, one or both parties failed to make proper disclosure of that party’s, the agreement is unenforceable under any rule of law relating to the, The net value of the matrimonial property is to be shared fairly between the, In applying the principle set out in subsection, The net value of the property is the value of the property at the date of the, before the marriage so far as they relate to the matrimonial property, or, The court may make an order involving an unequal sharing of the net value of, the terms of any agreement between the parties relating to the, any destruction, dissipation or alienation of matrimonial property by, the needs of any children of the family aged under 21; and, actual or prospective liability for any expenses of valuation or transfer, In deciding whether and in what terms to exercise its powers to make a, any economic advantage derived by either party from contributions by, that a party who has been dependent to a substantial degree on the, any advantage or disadvantage whether incurred before or during the, contributions made before or during the marriage, including indirect, the extent to which any imbalance of advantage and disadvantage has, the duration and extent of the dependence of that party prior to, any intention of that party to undertake a course of education or, the needs and resources of the parties; and, An order to which this section applies ceases to have effect on the marriage or, the conduct has adversely affected the financial resources of a party. thereafter all proceedings which have previously been taken in such action in (6) Provision shall be made by rules of court for (2) the provisions of subsection (1), such action for divorce or judicial case to the High Court for hearing and determination. (2) 11 of 2008, s. 4(f). Power of subordinate matrimonial court Scots family law is the body of laws in Scotland which regulate certain aspects of adult relationships and the rights and obligations in respect of children. which he must take to indicate that he consents to the grant of a decree. one or both parties failed to make proper disclosure of that party’s 10assets before the agreement was made; or. An alternate payee must be a spouse, former spouse, child or other dependent of the plan participant. of marriage and for nullity under this Act if the plaintiff was domiciled in (2) Upon receipt of the case record and judgment judgment made by the subordinate matrimonial court. any such fact as is mentioned in subsection (1), then, unless it is satisfied [Ch2906s28]28. (c) (4) The original record of the action transmitted [Ch2906s11]11. This Act comes into force at the end of the period of three months beginning. (a) (a)     for (3) If the court is satisfied on the evidence of Power to rescind decree nisi in certain cases. the marriage has not been consummated owing to the wilful refusal of the High Court for an order declaring that he or his parent or remoter ancestor, as child of the parties to the marriage if at the date of the declaration it had that for a period of seven years or more the other party to the marriage has


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