There is damage in the form of global warming, extinction of birds , plants, and also greater propensity for diseases. 0000008994 00000 n 0000002092 00000 n 0000008297 00000 n This will help further reduce the negative impact of technology on the environment. There is damage in the form of global warming, extinction of birds, plants, and also greater propensity for diseases. Biotechnology impacts depend on many factors. 0000067934 00000 n • They are termed as miracle crops. 0000001705 00000 n The most sophisticated biotechnology may be no match for Murphy’s Law. Pesticide Use Impacts. 0000007029 00000 n 0000008916 00000 n An environmental concern with respect to genetically engineered crops is whether they will be able to … And this can also be attributed to the various diagnostic tools and advancements in the field of biotechnology. Negative Effects on the environment Scientists have speculated that the growth of transgenic varieties like pest-resistant crops or herbicides tolerant crops may cause an imbalance of the ecosystem. 0000008896 00000 n 0000001933 00000 n When these plants are decayed, it can pass new chemicals into the soil which can affect the growth of other crops, animals that are fed with GM foods can also be affected negatively. 0000007653 00000 n Basic References: 1. 0000005799 00000 n 0000003858 00000 n The adoption of new methods and techniques of practising farming like biotechnology has helped in increasing yield and improving farm produce. The reproduction of genetic material with biotechnology … 41 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 44 /H [ 1313 413 ] /L 155212 /E 81810 /N 9 /T 154274 >> endobj xref 41 35 0000000016 00000 n 0000008318 00000 n 0000004481 00000 n Negatives of Biotechnology. 0000007632 00000 n As our knowledge and capability in biotechnology increases, so do the potential benefits. Biotechnology and the Environment. But we, as consumers, also have to play our part. %PDF-1.4 %���� Biotechnology has seemed to have improved the conditions of living, yet with all its promises it has its wide disadvantages too. There are some things over which we have little control. 0000004502 00000 n The fundamental aim of biotechnology is to meet human needs or demands in order to improve our quality of life. These miracle crops produced promises to fix nitrogen, resist drought, tolerate salt, increase yield … Environmental Biotechnology is not only looking for a more sustainable way to feed our population, but also a cleaner way to grow and cultivate this food, decreasing the environmental impact. 0000078864 00000 n Blue biotechnology. Negative impact of biotechnology: Cross species: Biotech firms often cross breed unrelated plant species that do not breed naturally, to create a more resilient species that is resistant to various natural diseases, including blight. Like any other man-made technology, biotechnology has both positive and negative effects on the environment. 0000004905 00000 n High cost of genetic engineering. 0000002314 00000 n Lauded by some as the future of food but lambasted by others for its potential risks to human health and the natural world, biotechnology is a subject of fierce debate. 0000006469 00000 n 0000003879 00000 n The summers are getting super hot while the winters are getting very chill. The cost of producing genetically- modified plants and animals are sky- rocketing and the duration of return is also not predictable. And the advanced genetic tools that some are considering for mosquito control could have unforeseen effects, possibly leading to environmental damage. The concerns surrounding potential negative environmental and eco-system function outcomes of agricultural biotechnology include impacts stemming from changes in pesticide use, impacts on non-target species, and pest and virus resistance. trailer << /Size 76 /Info 38 0 R /Encrypt 43 0 R /Root 42 0 R /Prev 154264 /ID[<62248eafda30b9a8cc5194e539be2a06>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 42 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 40 0 R /Metadata 39 0 R /PageLabels 37 0 R >> endobj 43 0 obj << /Filter /Standard /R 3 /O (6Eӝu;|�,\(�fZ��5?�4�Sh���\\W�) /U (��w�u����-��� ) /P -3336 /V 2 /Length 128 >> endobj 74 0 obj << /S 245 /L 357 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 75 0 R >> stream 0000007050 00000 n 0000001157 00000 n It is known as marine biotechnology.


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