Danielle Fuchs Do you know what Black lives matter actually means for or no? Authorities said Reed once claimed to have lost $5,000 on one of his own dogs in a dog fight in Philadelphia, according to one of Reed's associates. Ocean County Jail & Detention Center. Denise Ferriolo Do you know what BLM actually stands for or no? Hope they rot in jail. “The investigative efforts leading to the arrest of these defendants were nothing short of outstanding, and the teamwork exhibited by everyone involved – Assistant Prosecutors, Detectives, and Officers alike – truly exemplifies the best in law enforcement,” Prosecutor Billhimer stated. Ocean. get copies of Ocean county police records by mail. Chris Eason you one ignorant piece of shit ! No they won’t. no one can show pictures of People who were arrested for MURDERING someone????????? And my whole point was not that their lives don’t matter to me, but that Javons life didn’t matter to them. third most common is rape. Morganville man admits to evading nearly $1 million in taxes, Cats discovered living in 'deplorable' conditions, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The county of Ocean is 99.91% lower than the national average of 739.02 per 100,000 residents. Bigmac102 Point Pleasants finest!!! Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer announced that on October 28, 2020, Robert Tindall, 46, and Leanna Guido, 47, both of Toms River, were charged with Theft in violation of N.J.S.A. Madilyn Eichner there’s no reason to kill anyone period, it’s a selfish act they are selfish and so is your opinion to me girl idc what u have to say, just another bird to me, Lara Nicole you don’t care but you taking time to answer stupid ass , Madilyn Eichner and you look dumb no matter what you say so have a good one bird brain ❤, Tj Sassano a bunch of murdering thugs. Because this has nothing to do with it. What now? Again. Madilyn Eichner everyone defending three idiots who ruined their lives for no reason sound dumb . Madilyn Eichner I understood exactly what they were saying thank you. Look at Philly this week, guy HAD A WEAPON and the riots began after he was shot screaming BLM. But we don’t know what was going on. The county of Ocean is 99.91% lower than the national average of 739.02 per 100,000 residents. 2C:5-2a(1) and N.J.S.A. Just because I don’t agree with the narrative of BLM doesn’t make me a racist.‍♂️. Browse Ocean County public police arrest records, criminal charges and mugshots and crime stats from 2016 to 2016. Serenity Berry apparently those guys didn’t think javons life matter. Most of them end of shitting their pants in there.. especially the young ones. pictures of the type of police record might be a traffic Just because someone did something wrong don’t mean they life don’t matter. You worried bout something that got nothing to do with you. Will Johnston you feel bad for some piece of that deals a deadly drug and you think drugs shouldn’t be illegal? Correa was arrested and charged on October 28, 2020, while Sullivan and Jones were taken into custody and charged today. He had a 100 bags if heroine with intent to sell.I don’t care if he was 100? Lara Nicole there’s a reason for everything. That would be an additional tool that law enforcement would have next year. Hartman said in a taped message on Sunday what was displayed in pictures and videos of the unofficial event did not do it justice. Tf. get a copy of someone’s Ocean county booking records without any type of Effective Tuesday, June 23, 2020, At Home Video Visition options are now available! documents as county police records are available to Until Murphy lets them out of prison due to covid…. These Ocean county mugshots are Lakehurst: Motel drug bust leads to two arrests. Michael Gelnovatch goodbye. Exactly they only protest when cops are involved..I guess to these three scums, the victims life didn’t matter.. Maureen De do you wake up this ignorant every day or do you choose when you wanna sound like a complete fucking moron. Kirstin Council yeah your klan. U assume all white people are rich??? Kristin Smith that was probably his drugs that why he’s upset they arrested the guys with heroin. Perhaps I should have said it more clear. Many of these During that same year, 0 arrests were for violent crimes like murder, rape, and robbery. The administrator of one of the many pop-up car rally social media sites acknowledged the level of lawlessness and disruptive behavior has reached levels never anticipated or desired. Maureen De it wasn’t a racist killing dumbass. I pray to God Cutlers family gets justice, Jon Michael black lives will always matter, if you racist just say that. Investigators believe the dogs belonged to Reed. He says drugs shouldn’t be illegal what an ass. A good Have a goodnight, Michael Gelnovatch and your life matters why ? Allen Poplawski was charged with Possession of CDS Heroin, Possession with Intent to Distribute CDS Heroin, and Distribution of CDS Heroin. insights about a person. YES BLACK LIVES DO MATTER. pay the fees. Great job Toms River on catching these scumbags. Why have Latinos surpassed the blacks economically in such short time……, Nikayla Vargas look you talk about racist comments and you spout off the first racially used name. DAYZ GOOD BOIZ, DAY WUZ JUS PLAYIN, DAY WUZ ASPIRIN’ RAP ARDISTS… DEY DINDU NUFFINS. Who was charged in the Monmouth, Ocean County gang bust? Ocean City, its police department and its allied partners were perhaps as best prepared as ever entering the pop-up car rally weekend with an enhanced special event zone law, a beefed-up towing ordinance, speed bumps, altered traffic patterns, hundreds of police officers and all manner of equipment and resources on hand. Based on this need, an agreement for joint responsibility between the county Chiefs and the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders was drawn up. FILLMORE, CA – Sheriff’s deputies responded to a hit and run traffic collision on Tuesday, November 3rd, in the city of Fillmore which led to the arrest of a 20-year-old Fillmore man… November 11, 2020 New York News / Police Blotter Bronx Man Charged for 2017 Murder of Joshua Lopez And it’s obvious that you don’t think that way which is great. When compared to Atlantic and Burlington, documents such as criminal records, arrest records and other court cases. Thats a load of BS. There was no need to say that, you just used this opportunity to say something insensitive and stupid like that. 4 arrests for property crimes. perpetrator is arrested, the officer fills out The Monmouth County SPCA seized eight pit bulls in Monmouth and Ocean counties in February 2020. Good job Toms River police! Like I get it you wanna be loyal to them cool, but keep that shit to yourself don’t come on here offending everyone. You should educate yourself on BLM.. See you in chem racist, Madilyn Eichner it means burn loot M*rder, It smells like BITCH in here with people defending them.. hope they like having boyfriends in prison , Ruined their lives for no reason I have to laugh, They’re so young such a shame, are people honestly expecting positive comments ‍♀️‍♀️, Lara Nicole and a MOTHER??? These kids don’t understand what 30 years in prison is going to be like. Police Arrest Reports. You may have to someone fills out the report. The people featured on this site may not have been convicted of the charges or crimes listed and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You literally could’ve seen this post, read it, and kept scrolling but you proceeded to comment something that has nothing to do with this incident. yours is just as unnecessary as his. STATUTE: 2C:33-4B #2 ATT CAUSE PURR/ KNOWLY BODILY INJURY TO ANOTHER.


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