What does seem crystal clear on a scientific level is that borosilicate glass is less prone to thermal shock that soda lime glass. I believe that Corning still makes the glass available for this purpose. Pyrex. First, a This same year the Corning Glass Works Company patented the formula and gave it the trademarked name Pyrex. - There are few reviews of consumer protection agencies with situations regarding safety in use with containers used to bake food after suffering fractures due to bumps or falls. “Based on reports made to the company and the Consumer Product Safety Commission, less than one tenth of one per cent of the millions of Pyrex products sold each year experience thermal breakage, and there has never been any recall of Pyrex glassware.”. With its pleasing heft and remarkable resilience, these famous clear pans have been essential when cooking biscuits, casseroles, and pies since 1915. Perry Pyrex glass ovenware has been a staple in American households for many decades. Corning no longer manufactures or markets consumer glass kitchenware and bakeware. material quickly because as it cools it becomes rigid and unworkable. For an extensive list of glass manufacturers’ marks on bottles, fruit jars, insulators, tableware and other glassware, please click here to go to the Glass Bottle Marks pages. blowing. Some of the most popular items include square and rectangular baking dishes/pans (for cakes, home made bread, baked puddings, etc) of various sizes and designs. glass—a soda-lime glass with borax replacing the lime—with The real roots of the current controversy were planted in the 1950s, when Pyrex began making cookware out of tempered soda-lime glass. laboratory in 1908 and set out with William C, Taylor to make a Throughout history, glass production technology became more stabilizers, and colorants. Borosilicate glass has a CTE of 3 or 4 parts per million per 1 Kelvin change (ppm/K). (Frederick Heitz Glass Works), St. Louis, MO, Fletcher’s Castoria / Pitcher’s Castoria bottles, General Overview on Glass Insulators – Basic Information, Glass Containers Corporation, Fullerton, California, Great Western Glass Company, St. Louis, Missouri (1874-c.1887), HEMINGRAY No 9 // PATENT MAY 2 1893 glass telephone insulator, Hobnail Pattern Glass Votive Candle Cups / Candleholders, Horseshoe & Star design on the base of jelly glasses, Indiana Glass Company “Hen-on-Nest” Dishes, Interstate Glass Company, Kansas City, Missouri, Kentucky Glass Works Company, Louisville, Kentucky, L.G.CO. they reduce the melting temperature of the borosilicate glass. One method glassmakers use to reduce pollution is by making (This line was discontinued in 1979.) The container exploded, though the glass shards were contained in the microwave. Corning Museum of Glass Web Page. Most are 2″ thick and weigh up to 60 lbs. This high temperature to 24 hours—to remove excess bubbles that can lead to a weaker [13] The composition of both Corning 7740 and Schott 8330 is given as 80.6% SiO2, 12.6% B2O3, 4.2% Na2O, 2.2% Al2O3, 0.1% CaO, 0.1% Cl, 0.05% MgO, and 0.04% Fe2O3, Beginning in the 1980s, production of clear Pyrex glass cookware manufactured by Corning (and later Corelle Brands, after the consumer division was spun off and renamed) was shifted to tempered soda-lime glass, like their opal bakeware. Unfortunately, Pyrex is NOT made from borosilicate glass and has not been for almost 20 years. Fluxes are included in glass mixtures because


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