— I quit my job and am going for my dream of playing professional tennis before that ship has sailed. Ropes are integral (central) to the sport of sailing. Virtually all of these are metaphorical and the original nautical meanings are now forgotten. Once I got used to the diet it was plain sailing and I lost six kilos over a four month period. Something, such as the blade of a windmill, that resembles a sail in form or function. The great cliffs of the island rose to greet us as we sailed in on our yacht. To travel in a boat, especially a sailboat, upstream through a river. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Marco Bitran sails with the Griffin in the Boston Sailing competition, Port Report: China's Golden Week Means Cuts In Ocean Service, More learn joy of sailing through donation; DISABILITY, Oman's national youth sailing season kicks off on August 31, 2nd CAS International Open Sailing Championship from July 23, 2nd CAS Int'l Open Sailing Championship-2019, 2nd CAS Int'l Open Sailing C'ship announced, Wide expanse for growth seen for local Oz Goose boat sailing, Stars shine: The 2017 Australian Sailing Awards were held in November to recognise the achievements of the sailing community over the past 12 months, and to acknowledge those who have excelled at the highest level, Chance to try out at sailing on Scammonden Water, Chance to push the boat out on Draycote Water, Renaissance Services Inter School Sailing Championship kicks off, sail from (some place) to (some place else), salivate (all) over (someone or something). The great cliffs of the island rose to greet us as we sailed into the harbor. It is an undoubted fact that seafaring is the source of more false etymology than any other sphere. A piece of fabric sewn together and fitted to the spars and rigging of a vessel so as to convert the force of the wind into forward motion of the vessel. He's bound to come up with some tough opposition. To enter or arrive into some place or thing an abrupt and nonchalant manner. When he lost his job, he twittered that it was not bad to know he was in the same boat as about three hundred thousand others in the country. An example of sail is to finish a three hour task in one hour. — Sorry but that ship has sailed and we're no longer accepting applications. Best Sailor ever. take the wind out of somebody's sails. It took many months for a sailor to learn (to use) the ropes. (An allusion to the identifying flags of a ship.). We'll have to sail around the massive storms in Buffalo if we want to ensure the safety of everyone on board.. We're finally sailing around Cape Horn tomorrow morning. to start sailing, start the motor, let out the sails. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. 2. … She sailed into the room wearing a flowing gown. Origin The phrase originated in the mid 1800s and was used mainly by the Greeks to refer to the risks faced by the passengers in a small boat at sea. to go off the deck of a boat into the water, There was a terrible storm and the captain yelled, "man overboard. To be smooth, uninterrupted, and/or easy, especially as of progress, travel, or development. All Rights Reserved. It was exhilarating at first, and then it became incredibly serene as we sailed along over the fields in the tiny airplane. one moved by sails. to take water out of a boat; to parachute out of a plane that is going down. An idiom's symbolic sense is quite different from the literal meaning or definition of the words of which it is made. Organizing the event was really stressful, but it was pretty smooth sailing on the day. and we're no longer accepting applications. take the wind out of someone's sails, to. to travel on a course in a boat or plane. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Give a Wide Berth. To travel in a boat or plain along a route that bypasses or circumnavigates something. In boating or sailing the term,, bail out, is used to save the boat. We should be sailing near the wind in conditions like this. — You better propose to your girlfriend before that ship has sailed. Used since the nineteenth century, it may have come from the earlier navigational term, 'We have around 350 youngsters taking part in the community programme at each of our four, Muscat: The national youth racing season kicks-off on today in which sailors from all four Oman Sail schools will compete at the Oman, He said that the technical aspect would be looked after by the country's renowned, The sailors also provided some youths with, 'This initiative has helped dispel the myth that, Rising stars Natasha Bryant and Annie Wilmot were joint winners of Australian. To achieve something easily. It's a beautiful day to take the schooner out and just sail around for a few hours. We'll be sailing from Athens to the island of Naxos a couple of days after we arrive. to go off the deck of a boat into the water. He didn't value her the way he should have before but something happened since they broke up that helped him understand that she was his true or perfect love. I know that I am sailing against the wind to try get this unpopular law passed, but I am confident that it will ultimately make our town a safer place. We got into the lift and sailed to the top floor. To move through or upon (a body of water) in a boat or ship. 1. We've got about a 13-hour road trip ahead of us, but it looks like plain sailing for most of it. — We bought a different house because by the time we decided on the other one, that ship had already sailed. I hardly studied, and I still got A's on all of my exams—I really sailed before the wind this semester! take the wind out of someone's sails. To move through or on the water; to swim, as a fish or a waterfowl. Anchors aweigh = said … I can't believe you sailed all the way from Ireland to America. Give the drug dealer a wide berth. (An allusion to the identifying flags of a ship, and so usually used in the phrase "sail under false colors.")


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