Join our Facebook group! You basically sold me when I saw the runny yolk. Wow how fun is this?!?! For more delish recipes that bring King Oscar to your table, try these: Not sure if King Oscar products are available near you? :). Subscribe to our newsletter to receive blog updates and recipes right to your inbox. And if you *really* want to amp things up, you can smother some mayo on your toast or drizzle hot sauce over it. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you’re more into scrambled, sunny side up, or over hard, that’s cool! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Canned sardines come packed in water, oil, lemon juice, or tomato sauce, which makes it easy to use them in a multitude of dishes. Prepare the sardine mixture by emptying the tin into a small bowl, adding the crushed garlic, lemon juice, parsley and some black pepper. can of sardines in sunflower oil(120g), drained; 2 slices brown bread; 1 tbsp parsley, chopped; Heat the oil on a frying pan, add the garlic, chili and the lemon zest. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has placed sardines on its Super Green fish list, which includes only seafood with low levels of contaminants, less than 216 parts per billion, and those that offer at least 250 milligrams of omega-3s. © 2020 Club De Millionaires. Layer the sliced hard boiled eggs on the bottom of each bun and top with the sardines. Get up to 50% off a luxury towel set! This bomb Breakfast Egg and Tomato Sardine Sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes is a delicious pescetarian spin on the traditional BLT. If you like a runny yoke, your safest bet is to use pasteurized eggs. It’s a healthy and balanced option that tastes like a treat! Spread the mayonnaise on both sides of the toasted bun. One of the best things about the weekend, aside from the freedom to sleep in and spend most of the morning in jogging pants or leggings, is treating ourselves to a glorious breakfast. … In the meantime, prepare the avocado by removing all the flesh and mashing it in a small bowl with a squirt of lemon juice. Want to share your own pescetarian recipes, photos, and experiences? Break the fish up with a fork and make sure everything is mixed together. Pop in a medium grill for about 5 minutes until browned. Cover with a tight lid and simmer, uninterrupted, until the whites are completely set. I love that you replaced bacon with sardines in a tomato sauce – I do love bacon and eggs and bread but I also adore sardines! If you’re the type to skip breakfast before work, you know how precious those Saturday morning egg sandwiches are—and if you’re the type to do a healthier breakfast on weekday mornings… you know how precious those Saturday morning egg sandwiches are. I am in love with this idea. Place the eggs on top of each slice of toast, add black pepper and serve with a simple tomato and spinach salad. Find out here. 4. Club Des Millionnaires Brisling Sardines Mediterranean. (Or try to time it so that your toast is still warm by the time your eggs are ready. If desired, place cheese over eggs with a drizzle of hot sauce. Mix the mayonnaise, dijon, capers, lemon juice, parsley, cayenne and salt and pepper. Melt the butter in a saucepan set over medium heat. Really though this looks like one amazing sandwich! Your personal information will not be sold, distributed or published in any manner whatsoever. If you make this dish, snap a photo and tag me on the Insta @killing__thyme! Place the eggs on top of each slice of toast, add black pepper and serve with a simple tomato and spinach salad. New! I eat sardines all the time but never thought to put them on a breakfast sandwich. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Add the sardines and heat it for a few minutes. Spread the avocado evenly on each slice of toast, and top each slice with the sardine mixture. Garnish with dill pickles, red onion, tomatoes and lettuce. Food is my love language, and I'm here to schmooze.


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