Elegia capensis from South Africa is a tall rush like plant with beautiful brown paper sheaths up its stems and russet flower heads, but this big perennial forms very dense clumps up … The products and services provided are of the highest standard available. Blue Oat Grass Growing Zones: 4-9. Fine Fescue is not necessarily one type of grass; instead, it’s a collective of many … It is much more expensive to control undesirable species of grasses/weeds and can create quite serious problems such as burning the chosen species through the application of chemicals and such in order to eradicate undesirable weeds/ grasses etc. Native garden planting design service. However, grass species such as Couch and Kikuyu could become more and more popular. Biggest issue for Fine Fescue in Auckland is over watering and night watering … the humid over night conditions can cause fungus disease … but if watered early morning and the use of a wetting granule to reduce the amount of water usage Fine Fescue can be the visual lawn you require. Mexican Feather Grass. Citronella grasses can grow up to 2m tall and make handsome aromatic landscape plants in warm-weather gardens. You might have noticed Mexican feather grass (Nassella tenuissima or … Kikuyu Grass :- Now available in an instant form and enjoys the same characteristics and conditions as Couch. A beautiful wavy form that reflects its common name: Wind Grass. Carex buchananii. Decide between Tall Fescue, Kikuyu Seed, Rustic Blend and NZ Browntop. We would not advise the installation of a grass variety for. It is native and is referred to as New Zealand wind grass, pheasant's tail, or gossamer grass. Lomandra Lime Tuff. OiOi, Jointed Rush. We do try to have these in stock … Pasture Plant Identification. New Ornamental Grasses are Extremely Effective in the Landscape Today I want to talk about how to get the most from using ornamental grasses in your garden/landscape. Benefits – it stays green all year round and requires limited watering … which under the current water restrictions is the ideal grass of the future. In many cases this small top section will include the seedheads. Total Turf Services Ltd is a privately Owned Company located on the North Shore with Ian Kent as the Principal. – Works in Auckland in full sun but requires daily watering throughout summer. In New Zealand it is mainly sown in dry areas for its summer growth and good clover content. alpha elata) Miniature Toetoe / Snow Grass ABOUT: Very much a miniature version of a to…, Machaerina sinclairii (previously known as Vincentia anceps, Cladium sinclairii, Cladium gahnoides and Vincentia sinclairii) Pēpepe / Toetoe Tuhara / Strappy Sedge ABOUT: Flower-heads remain for se…, Astelia fragrans (previously known as Astelia nervosa var. Needs moist soil and sun. $ 24.99. Explore our range of lawn seeds including Couch Grass, Kikuyu Grass, Tall Fescue and Brown Top. 75% Tall Fescue, 20% chewings and creeping red fescue and 5% NZ browntop. This means that it stays greener in dry summer periods & tolerates higher temperatures. Home » What grass variety is most suitable. The leaf texture of Tall Fescue is rather coarse compared to other turf grasses. A short trunk develops af…, Festuca novae-zealandiae (previously known as Festuca ovina ssp. The wretched sparrows took out every one of the main flowering but they have persevered and continued to put up new flower spikes. Sports Fields, Cricket Blocks, Fairways and Tees, Parks and Reserves. When considering grass seed, the American ornamental grasses were a popular choice for their picture-perfect Remuera carpet grass look. Anemanthele lessoniana (Wind, Gossamer or Bamboo grass) This native is one of the taller growing grasses. Grows to 0.4m tall and is tolerant of most conditions. Carex buchananii. Levels goes towards you having a good lawn … deep healthy roots mean a good healthy plant. It was once regarded as an undesirable grass. It’s a real beauty in med-dark green. With a Total Turf Services lawn maintenance program, we insure that we are constantly applying quality products into the lawn base … this will increase the longevity of your lawn … plus regular dethatching (annually or every other year) to remove thatch layer is also essential. With rapid germination and establishment coupled with very good wear tolerance Verve is a natural choice in high use situations. Depending on the type of medium ornamental grass, this task may be easy or it could be a bit more time consuming. Read More ». The foliage shows hints of green, bronze and pink. That’s what you get with Lime Tuff. As the name suggests, the Company is a lawn construction and maintenance operation. New Zealand Native Plants for your garden design.


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