He was keen to make Athens the focus of Greek culture. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Theseum, temple in Athens dedicated to Hephaestus and Athena as patrons of the arts and crafts. It was dedicated to Hephaestus, the ancient god of fire and Athena, goddess of pottery and crafts. Seules 18 des 68 métopes du temple d'Héphaïstos ont été sculptées, le reste étant probablement peint. Héphaïstos était le dieu de la métallurgie. The temple of Hera, goddess of marriage and childbirth, is one of the oldest temples and has surprisingly still has its entablatures intact. Among those buried in the site was John Tweddel, a friend of Lord Elgin, while excavations also revealed a slab from the grave of George Watson with a Latin epitaph by Lord Byron. Also, thank you for pointing out that mistake! Othon ordonna que le bâtiment fût converti à un usage de musée, statut auquel il fut soumis jusqu'en 1934, date à laquelle il revint alors à son état de monument antique, auquel fut consacrée une vaste campagne de recherches archéologiques. The temple was designed by Iktinus, one of the talented architects who also worked on Parthenon, However, many other craftsmen worked at this fantastic temple. © 2020 Classical Wisdom Limited. It was used as a burial place for non-Orthodox Europeans in the 19th century, among whom were many philhellenes who gave their lives in the cause of Greek War of Independence (1821–1830). Le pronaos et l'opisthodome sont décorés de frises ioniques (mélange des ordres surement inspiré du Parthénon) : la frise à l'ouest court entre les antes, au-dessus de la façade de l'opisthodome; à l'est, c'est-à-dire en façade, la frise se poursuit au-dessus des galeries latérales jusqu'aux colonnades extérieures. The Temple of Hephaestus (he-FEH-stus) is one such temple. En 1834, le premier roi de Grèce, Othon Ier, fut officiellement accueilli en ce lieu. Le camp tourné vers la droite, plus nombreux, a l'avantage. The decorative sculptures highlight the extent of mixture of the two styles in the construction of the temple. The daring architecture consists of all three forms of segments, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, which gives the temple a unique character. Every history lover and art enthusiast has read about the temple in a million articles, and words fall short to describe the beauty of its architecture! E. Olsen, « An Interprétation of the Hephaisteion Reliefs ». The temple itself is thought to have been built around 440BC and designed by the same architect responsible for the Temple of Hephaestus located in the Ancient Agora complex in Athens. Cheap entry into the Agora. When Athens became the official capital of Greece in 1834, the publication of the relevant royal edict was made in this temple that was the place of the last public turnout of the Athenians. Penteli, excepting the bottom step of the krepis or platform. We know a lot about the first formal order of traditional Greek architecture because the Romans wrote about it. Many architects have been suggested, but without firm evidence one refers simply to The Hephaisteion Master. J.-C.. Il y a également une colonnade dorique intérieure. The Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae, east colonnade, Arcadia, Greece, Tags: Acropolis, Ancient Greek Temples, Erectheum, Greek Mythology, Greek Temples, hephaestus, Paestum, Pathenon, Poseidon, Temple of Apollo. Around AD 700, the temple was turned into a Christian church, dedicated to Saint George. Cependant, elle a été démolie lors de la conversion en église puis en partie réérigée dans les années 1930. Inside the ancient agora of Athens, at the top of the hill, very well preserved, belongs to the 5th century b.c.


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