Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad6ac0b774a2bab5e737958bfb81a9a7" );document.getElementById("e84b87f39a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2 That I have found are, lady bugs (they eat just about anything including thrips) and a specific kind of mite called "Stratiolaelaps Scimitus" (Hypoaspis Miles). Be on the lookout for signs of thrips damage, such as white, discolored sections on different parts of the plant. Pretty much all of the main bugs we tend to see on this subreddit all have soft bellys which means when soap or an insecticide covers them, they get a quick and direct dose which should kill them. Scale insects can be easily treated with organic methods. Spray the plant with a neem oil mix or a bug spray made up of washing up liquid and water. We have gone into depth below on how to identify and treat these issues. From what I’ve read, if you have them, you’ll know about it, presuming you occasionally give a half-hearted glance in the direction of your plants. Spider Mites They live in colonies and will typically be found on the underside of the foliage and the leaf joints of your monstera deliciosa. That’s the natural colour of the plant’s new growth – a vibrant lime green. As they develop, the plant gets greener. I say this in every post but it’s the first line of defence against introducing unwanted pests into your plant collection. I made this one up, but I believe it’s worth a try…shut your windows on windy days. Early identification of diseases and pests along with immediate treatment will give your plant its best chance at survival so it is crucial to check your monstera deliciosa on a regular basis. Don’t invite those bastards in through the open window. I plan on wiping the plant down with some neem oil. Plant-feeding thrips are capable of damaging crops. Monsetras, like many indoor plants, are susceptible to root rot which is commonly caused due to over-watering. Your plants will probably LOVE banana peels and egg shells but so will fungus gnats! Pests can can also wreak havoc on your plants health with insects and mites eating and multiplying on foliage, causing sometimes irreversible damage. As your Monstera leaf ages, it should start to harden and darken to a deeper green. Die laatste staat bekend vanwege zijn grote resistentie tegen diverse insecticiden. You may prefer to add some nutrients to the soil in the form of worm castings, which last longer than water in fertilisers, but I’d advise against DIY fertilisers. Banded palm thrips (Parthenothrips dracaenae) Occurs all year round on various glasshouse and houseplants, especially those with relatively tough leaves such as Ficus, Dracaena, Citrus, Monstera, Schefflera and palms. Hi and welcome to r/monstera - Our community is all about the discussion of all things Monstera related, whether that’s their care, identification, help with their wellbeing, or just sharing your amazing photos! There’s not a lot you can do to stop doing that, other than maybe wear blue. If you mist your plants, stop misting the affected plant. Plant pests don’t seem to have a romantic bone in their body. Introducing thrips predators such as ladybirds, lacewings, or the cool-sounding minute pirate bug is also an effective way of getting rid of thrips infestations. Tell tale signs that your monstera is affected by spider mites are mottled or browning leaves, curled up or shriveling foliage with yellowing marks. I’ll definitely have to be vigilant in summer, but I’m ready! As Well when I went to repot it I noticed something crawling in the soil. Today I showered the entire plant and did a deep wash with some soap in it and then rinsed it off. The important thing is to be quick off the mark if plants aren’t growing happily, which I *kinda* was. Signs that your plant is affected by scale insects is leaf drop or yellowing leaves and white and yellowish spots on the leaves, stems or branches. Thrips on plants. Dust it on the leaves. I’m considering investing in a magnifying glass. The scale insect will appear flat and round in shape and are very small in stature. Additionally, search for thrips feces, which look like a collection of small, pinhead-sized black dots. As to whether chlorotic leaves will turn green again…the juries out. i'm thripping, i don't want to toss the plant, but i'm not sure if it's worth keeping it around, seeing as it might severely infest my other plant babies : Do any bugs mate for life? By the way, thrips are particularly attracted to any damage on your plant – don’t touch those baby leaves! If you notice insects or insect damage, act fast before the problem spreads! I’m assuming that they’ll be attracted to blue in all forms, so if you wear blue tops outside you’re risking picking up a thrips or two. I water first with clean water, and then again with the fertiliser water. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Thrips damage is (in my experience at least) irreversible. All available at your local hydroponics shop. The reason I prefer to assume that its pest damage rather than chlorosis, is that fertilising can wait. If the leaf is light green because it’s new, then sure. it can almost make it look likes it’s meant to be there. I’m a pretty lazy plant parent, and there are many plants in my collection that haven’t been fertilised at all this year. If you’re after tips on how to get your plant to grow faster, check out this article. Thrips lay their eggs within the soft tissue of the plant. As for the thrips. Thrips are a pain because they’re so tenacious – getting rid of them is really difficult. This was actually hilarious, and very useful thank you, refreshing compared to most sites that have heaps of info that isn’t actually that helpful. A blackish-brown thrips with banded brown and white wings that causes extensive silvering of the leaves. Thrips, like mealybugs, were not forthcoming with the stock photos. They have marks. Thrips target a variety of crops and flowers; however, they aren’t attracted to shrubs or trees. i'm thripping, i don't want to toss the plant, but i'm not sure if it's worth keeping it around, seeing as it might severely infest my other plant babies :(, here are some photos of said monster reference:, i think my other plants aren't as badly affected, so i was thinking of buying some organic insecticidal soap and treating those. Depending on how many healthy roots are left, you may need to trim your plant to help give it a better shot at life. I’ve gotten into bad habits when it comes to leaf dusting, the worst one being that I just wipe any disty leaves I spot with my dressing gown sleeve. The key to getting rid of house plant pests is consistency, and keeping up with the treatment for WEEKS. Lol, I got thrips. It will dessicate and kill the bugs. } Roots that are suffering from root rot will be black and mushy and may even fall off when you touch them. 2. De Tabakstrips (Thrips tabaci) De Californische Trips. Also make sure to checkout our Facebook and Instagram pages for daily plant pics. Thrips love flower buds too, so if you have a lot of buds that drop, or blooms that are emerging deformed, you may have a thrips issue. They are delicate and probably best to source locally. Press J to jump to the feed. I’m hoping that writing so often about why it’s so beneficial to clean your plant leaves with neem oil will spur me on to actually do it. Privacy Policy and I wanted to invest in a moss stick but I guess with the current situation maybe I should wait? I personally don’t like them – they seem unnecessarily cruel and look grim. Spider Mites So come and join the discussion, share your tips, knowledge and pics! Thrips on monstera is common. If you notice any brown spots appear on any of your plants leaves, its important that you isolate the plant immediately to prevent it from spreading to other plants and trim the affected leaf off. Young leaves are thinner, so they don’t have as many layers (and therefore as much chlorophyll) as older leaves. Yay. Unlike mealybugs and fungus gnats, thrips love hot and dry conditions. If the plant is ready to drop a leaf it’ll drop one that isn’t pulling its weight photosynthesis-wise. Cookies help us deliver our Services. If the leaves aren’t getting darker after a few weeks, then that can be an indication that your plant isn’t happy. I was hoping (based on nothing) that fertilising was a kind of optional extra.


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