For the Watauga Gorge, 250 to 400 cfs is an ideal flow, though it has been run lower and higher. Holes become much bigger and violent. Unfortunately for kayakers, this hasn't been a wet year. • Dewitt Barnett Road to high-water bridge at Watauga River Road We had never done any whitewater kayaking in these kayaks, but we managed to complete the trip without either of us ending up in the water. Of course, fishing permit is required to catch any of the many trout in the river. Alcohol dulls reflexes and survival responses and is often linked to fatalities. The park provides campsites for tent and RV campers if you want to extend your adventure overnight. • Wagoner Access Road to U.S. 221 Access (11 miles) The rapids are spread throughout the trip with the most exciting being at Sycamore Shoals park. • Green Valley Community Park off of Big Hill Road to Todd General Store off of Railroad Grade Road, Runs in and around Jefferson There was an abundance of wildlife on the river. Your anticipation has to be on point because you can misjudge something and end up in a bad situation.". "It's a solid Class 4 run with a little bit of Class 5 thrown in to keep everyone honest. There are much steeper things people have run.". River & Earth Adventures ( rents kayaks and canoes for use on either the New or Watauga rivers. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, fly fishing, and angling with fishing reels are all popular recreation activities pursued on the Watauga River. The entire river is absolutely beautiful. • Valle Crucis Community Park to high-water bridge at Watauga River Road The New River is a gem and the centerpiece of the New River State Park, which has miles of river to canoe and tube and thousands of acres to peruse. In a normal wet year, there is enough water to paddle everyday during the High Country whitewater season, which spans from early November to early May, Michael Mayfield, a local paddler, said. The nicest of these seemed to be River Ridge Campground. The city is in the Appalachian Mountains, just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway in northwestern North Carolina. Boat ramps and access areas Watauga River. Most are much worse than they look! "The Watauga is an incredible river because you can run it at so many levels. Lee Belknap first paddled the gorge in 1982. American Whitewater, a nonprofit organization, is an excellent resource for running rivers in North Carolina and beyond. The surroundings are amazing with many cliffs and unusual rock formations including a ledge waterfall. guest-paddler, A self-supported trip created by Two rivers in the mountainous area near Boone give you a choice of easy paddling or whitewater action with lots of rapids. We saw cows, horses, deer, many species of bird including many blue heron, snapping turtle, otter, mink, and the ever elusive fishermen. Rainbow trout, brown trout, and striped bass are all caught in the Watauga River. With numerous public river access points and several outfitters in the area offering rentals, shuttles and guide service, the adventure on the river is just a short drive or phone call away. Looking forward to next spring. ", Though Mayfield has paddled the gorge more than 350 times since 1978, he has only run the gorge once since March when "suddenly the river went from running all the time to not at all.". The shallow, calm waters of the New River make the trail ideal if you’re just learning to paddle. ", © 2020 High Country Press - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, Click here for more details on North Carolina rivers and those below. For paddling opportunities near Boone, access areas for putting in and taking out your vessel are located at various points between the Highway 163 bridge near Obids and the Highway 93 bridge in Alleghany County. • Know the river to prevent unpleasant surprises. Its banks are fertile and covered with wildflowers.”. Trees fall into the river. Rentals. The best time for whitewater action occurs in May and June, when water is rushing out of the mountains and into the rivers. One good place to start might be local outfitters or merchants such as Footsloggers, which has staff that works in the same industry as it plays. • Avoid dams: Small low-head dams are responsible for over 8% of river fatalities. Popular Runs: The best way to approach a river is with humility," Stronach said. The New River, one of the oldest rivers in the country, flows northward from its headwaters in Blowing Rock. The organization’s website lists directions, descriptions and warnings about particular runs and notes whether current water levels are appropriate for running an individual river. Last trip of summer. and follow for about 3 miles. • Avoid alcohol and illegal drugs. She writes business plans for startups and established companies and teaches marketing and promotional tactics at local workshops. • Watauga River – Guys Ford Bridge to AW Sherwood Horine Access, Class IV+ • Wear your Life Jacket regardless of boat type or difficulty of water. "It's beautiful. From Elizabethton, TN, turn onto Siam Rd. "High water is whole different game. While plenty of curbside kayaking excursions for experienced kayakers throughout Watauga and Avery counties exist, the whitewater group rafting trips generally start from outfitter outposts in Elizabethton, Tenn., and make their way to the Watauga Lake. River Ouse uk. "I tell people there are two kinds of boaters - the backpacker and the motorcyclist," Belknap said. • Elk River – Route 1326 to Route 1305 (above Big Falls), Class IV-V So eerie yet peaceful… Everything Wrong in 3 Minutes or Less (Entry #21 Carnage for All 2020) Oswego River, NJ. For many years, each spring, Belknap would drive from Virginia or South Carolina to kayak his favorite river, the Watauga. Blevins Bend (1) Cherokee City Park (2) Hunter Bridge (3) • Wagoner Access Road to J.E. River & Earth Adventures ( rents kayaks and canoes for use on either the New or Watauga rivers. The speed and movement of the water is greater. The lower the water, the steeper the run becomes, almost a creek feel," Stronach said. There are cabins on the river just below the dam as well as many campgrounds along the length of the river. • Boone Fork – Julian Price Park to Watauga, SR 1557, Class III-IV (V+) During times of lower water levels, Class II rapids are common most of the way. ", (Stronach explained the international scale of whitewater difficulty ratings and compared Class 1 to waves in a bathtub and Class 6 to Niagara Falls - a death wish.). • Watauga River – NC 105 to US 321 Bridge, Class I-II The Watauga River is a bi-polar river that has calm sections perfect for tubing and canoeing through Valle Crucis and turbulent sections that even experienced kayakers should scout before attempting the whitewater rapids.


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